The Best Damn Halo 3 Plasma Grenade Video Yet

No spoilers. Just watch. Repeat if necessary. Finally, appreciate the Halo 3 "Saved Films" feature.

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pwnsause4036d ago

Stop Making PS fanboys (Like ME) look bad!!! I posted this video because it was an amazing kill.

ATLRoAcH4036d ago

I to am a PS3 FanMan (FanMan I like that.....trademark you know what I'm talkin 'bout) but this is one great kill.Why do people hate?

joydestroy4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

yeah that was pretty awesome.
thanks for sharing.

WafflesID4035d ago

That was so amazing that I almost retract my statement about the physics in halo 3 being worthless.

PS-Wii-604035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

Here's another. It's not Halo3 but,
It's the Best Damn Halo2 Double Kill Video Yet

pwnsause4035d ago

OMFG that was awesome! XD

d3l33t4035d ago

stoned @ss mothers. that was a lucky shot though

navysealrb4035d ago

man that was funny as hell! I had to show everybody in my family! lol

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Chris_GTR14036d ago

daaaaaammnnn, that was a really lucky throw.

Honcho4036d ago

HA HA. that was so awesome!! Lol

BIadestarX4036d ago

that's an example of the great physics in this game. I'm sure developers didn't plan for Plasma Grenade to be used this way...

WafflesID4035d ago

For once I have to disagree with you.

The physics in this game (and this doens't even qualify as a good example of a complex physics engine) doesn't have any impact on the gameplay at all.

Take a game like half-life 2 and bioshock to name just two, and the physics actually impact the gameplay.

You don't need havoc to do what halo 3 does, which is mostly just for ragdoll after a death and explosions.

The fact that halo 3 plays EXACTLY like halo 1 and 2 proves this. Physics are just for show in this game.

And seriously....if the physics are so good then how the hell can I literally fly across the map when someone melees me when I melee them at the exact same time? FLY ACROSS THE MAP. Seriously...thats just retarded.

jaja14344035d ago

Well obviously the physics does affect game play, as without it, that guy would have never had been hit by the grenade...

And in any event Halo never really had life-like physics. Hell you can almost just 2 your height, and just pressing a button flips a tank over.
Anyways different isn't always bad so...

nobizlikesnowbiz4035d ago

@ Wafflesid.

When you get hit with a melee and fly across the map, it's because the guy you were shooting had put more rounds into you than you put into him, therefore you lost the fight.

You flew across the map because you got hit by a cyborg. Every schoolboy knows cyborgs can flip tanks with one hand.