Uncharted documentary showcases mo-cap'ed characters

Heavenly Sword isn't the only game from Sony to feature extensive motion capture. The upcoming Uncharted is all about believable characters in an unbelievable story, sort of like the classic "Indiana Jones" movies. This promotional video (which will be made available on the PS Store soon) highlights the extensive motion capture required for Uncharted's cinematics. Just like Heavenly Sword, the team at Naughty Dog wanted to get real actors to play the roles of these characters, and even had them ad-lib some of the lines, just to add the subtle nuances that only a real performance can bring.

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nasim4037d ago

On one hand we would be playing true next gen games like FOLKLORE (9/10 at IGN) , UNCHARTED ,HAZE,R&C ....on the other xbots would fake ecstasy by playing cartoon games like Mass effect with lilliput aliens and HALO 2.5 with poor poly per chars and awful graphics all at just 640p


Rooted_Dust4036d ago

Unless this game can really do a number on the Critics you can probably pencil in Bioshock for many of the numerous game of the year awards.

C_SoL4037d ago

an other must have for the PS3.

Mu5afir4037d ago

Games like this are great, I love the diversity of the Playstation 3 game library. Rather then 1 AA shooter after another, the Playstation 3 library has a good mix of RPGs, Shooters, Action Adventure etc.. which is awesome, and the reason why I opted for this system.

aiphanes4037d ago

This game I will get on day one...I think this and Ratchet are going to be 9.5+ games....I also think Haze will be a sleeper hit also...

green4036d ago

an xbox fan,but i am really impressed by the attention to detail thats is going into the game.These guys obviously know what they are doing.Anyway hope the game succeeds.Kudos to all ps3 owners,this is a game worth shouting about

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