IGN Hero Showdown: Master Chief vs. Samus Aran... Samus Wins

IGN Stars' first ever Showdown let readers decide the winner: Halo's Master Chief versus Metroid Prime's Samus Aran.

Nearly 70,000 people voted: 73.8% voted for Samus and 26.2% for Master Chief. (Were fans of Master Chief too busy playing Halo 3 to vote?)

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MK_Red4085d ago

Wow, now that's a real surprise. My personal vote was for Samus but I wasn't expecting her to win in a million years.

Norad64085d ago

stupid haloid video. given people the wrong idea that Samus can beat chief. I curse you horny Asian guy for making chief lose and making him a chick too!

Snipes204085d ago

Samus is a chic and Chief is a guy (unless you watch the home animated video that was pretty cool) and any guy deserving to be called a guy will vote for a chic.

akaFullMetal4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

well samus has speed and agility, plus an awesome weapon, the chief just has military experience with guns and grenades, so in a real fight i think samus would actually win, not saying that the chief is a wimp, but he is just being out classed, if he had a huge gun attached to his arm, then we could debate

Laexerias4085d ago

Strong Beams with Charge
F*ckn awesome Suits with Damage reduction
Rocket Launcher with crazy abilitys
Morph Ball
Double Jump

Master Chief:
Projectile Weapons which makes no damage to Samus Suit
Plasma Granades
Green Armor
Small Penis

so... Halotard realize it, Master Chief is the fake of Samus Aran without tits and a small penis.

... Hrm there a 2 options when u choose Master Chief
1. u are ghey
2. u can only be ghey if u choose him

DrSelfDestructX4085d ago

You sir are the pinnacle of fanboy retardation.
Of course Samus would win but calling Master chief
by stupid ass remarks shows that you need to stfu and go outside.
And being a biased and using words like "Ghey" doesnt help, what are you like 9? But seriously, I personally have never seen Master chiefs genitalia but hey if thats your thing...

cheatmaster284085d ago

LOL I may not be a halo fan but that was funny.

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