Australian 40GB PS3 unoffically confirmed (Confirmed by JB Hi-Fi store staff) Australia has recieved word from a great source outside Sony that the 40GB PS3 is definitely on its way to Australia, and the release timing fits well with the Best Buy leaks discussed by the mothership.

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marionz4034d ago

good, with the price drop i may finally buy a ps3, i still think its a risk to spend that much on a console that sill has so much to proove but i would rather have both the ps3 and the 360 so i can have the best of both and not have to bother hearing fanboy BS about what console is better

Zhuk4034d ago

JB Hifi is probably the best electronics store in Australia currently, if they confirmed the 40gig model it is definitely coming

akaFullMetal4034d ago

hope this helps sony, and i also heard that everybody is getting a price drop, uk, jap, and of course australia

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