Is Hollywood about to Ruin Your Favorite Video Game?

Let's face it; film adaptations of video games are generally terrible. Hollywood has a long reputation of turning excellent video games into mediocre to horrible movies (See: Super Mario Brothers, Bloodrayne, Doom). Here is a list of video game-based movies currently in development that most likely will be stinking up theaters for years to come.

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Lord Anubis4035d ago

They are missing the most important movie. Metal Gear Solid. I'm a bit worried because i've heard it will be more like bond movie. I liked casino royale but I don't think it goes will MGS.

d3l33t4034d ago

yeah its on the second page

and i agree, they better make it dark, corrupted, and sinister with lots of violence. I would like to see something like the Manchurian Candidate, mixed with bond, and a twisting storyline

socomnick4034d ago

Gears of war and the halo movie are way way more important than the mgs movie. The gears of war movie especially has great potential the story the locust its all just awesome. Then again Halo has peter jackson and man that man is gold best cg effects ever on king kong a movie made by peter jackson.

Mainman4034d ago

Guys, dont worry about the Metal Gear Solid movie. Hideo Kojima is also part of the project.

Jdash244034d ago

well the hitman movie looks really sweet..........and i'll reserve judgement on the rest til i see a trailer

dachiefsman4034d ago

wasn't really wasn't awesome and not nearly in the realm of Bloodrayne and Mario Bros.

@2- I think Hitman will suck..yea it looks like it has a lot of action but the problem with game adaptation has always been the plot and acting....even though I like Timothy Olyphant <see: deadwood>

Antiomo4034d ago

Tomb Raider,
Silent Hill,
Resident evil,
Final Fantasy

I wonder how hitman is going to turn out.

ALItheWISE4034d ago

Super mario bros and Street Fight 2. Man as much as i love these games the movies were beyond horrible. Who the hell approved Van Damm (however you spell that) as guile and Raul Julia (rip) as bison those were horrible castings although personally i thought it was funny M.Bison and Luigi were Puerto Rican...LOL

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The story is too old to be commented.