Halo Reach Defiant Map Pack Video Preview

A detailed preview of the Halo Reach Defiant map pack by Greenskull.

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SourNotHardcore2774d ago

This is quite a great map pack if I do say so myself.

reckoner2774d ago

Indeed. I'm glad Reach is being supported by these great additions. I think it's safe to say that this game has one of the best multiplayers out there, and maybe of all time.

Rebel_Rouser2774d ago

I can't wait until I get to try the map pack tomorrow!

Greenskull2774d ago

Solid stuff, if I do say so myself!

DelbertGrady2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

I didn't know that. Thanks for telling us.

DantheMan812774d ago

What sucks about it? Is it the 4 player coop with matchmaking? Is it the multiplayer with more features than most games can dream about?

Greenskull2774d ago

Why did you click on this, then?

starchild2774d ago

Because he is a fanboy and that is what fanboys do, sadly.

Halo Reach is a blast online.

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The story is too old to be commented.