Kingdom Under Fire: CoD Blacksands Battle Gameplay

The Blacksand tribe has sent its finest warriors to make this cave your tomb.

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nasim4032d ago

but unlike HS which has lifelike graphics and 1000 enemies per screen and runs at a scorching pace this one is slow paced and has 5/6 enemies (low poly chars) per screen

Cherchez La Ghost4031d ago

Why every post I read, you are always #1 to comment?!

power of Green 4032d ago

4 player Co-Op 50 hours long.

dachiefsman4032d ago

eff outta here....seriously that long?

Depressed Mode4032d ago

I played the first one and thought it was an amazing game. I never got around to # 2, even though i wanted to. Isn't this one supposed to be an RPG? Looked like the same gameplay as the others to me (which isn't bad at all).

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