Joystiq interviews Team Ninja's Tomonobu Itagaki

The DS is becoming this huge, unstoppable console all over the world and the PSP is doing pretty well too. That must weigh heavily on the Japanese developer's decision to choose between consoles. The Xbox 360 doesn't do well in Japan, the PS3 has a comparatively small install base and third parties don't do well on the Wii. So it's tough to choose a platform there... is a system like the DS a "win-win" situation?

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power of Green 4130d ago

"You haven't played the competition yet..."

"A: Yeah, I don't really care"

Japanese Rock Star FTW.!.

dachiefsman4130d ago

I was so hoping for something regarding Ninja Gaiden 2.

Shaka2K64130d ago

And ng will flop on the brick ds unleast its rated T which would suck so much.

Rooftrellen4130d ago

So is MS, to you, since from what I've seen, you think "real gamers" are the ones that shun everything that isn't Sony.

Nintendo is killing real gamers like Hollywood killed real movie watchers. Edison forced almost every movie studio in NJ out of business, leaving him with a monopoly on the industry. This meant low quality movies and limited appeal for the movies that was made. The industry was stuck in a rut, until a few people with cameras and a dream went out to California, where Edison's goons wouldn't come hunting for them. Hollywood was born, and the movie industry was saved.

Sony and MS are catering to mostly the "hardcore" gamer. Smaller developers find it too expensive and too time consuming to make games for the PS3 and 360 and have had a hard time competing against the giants like EA for years, so mostly games with limited appeal and many of poor quality are made. The industry has been stuck in a rut, until one company made a new console based on great gameplay and not for the graphics whore. Smaller developers and new ideas from the big ones have started comming, and it seems the industry is saved.

Yes, Nintendo is killing real gamers by saving the industry a second time.