SOCOM 4: Impressive New Gameplay Footage Emerged

Check out some new gameplay footage of SOCOM 4 for PlayStation 3.

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Commander_TK4871d ago

Looks exactly like MAG, just in 3rd person. Hope it's not like that when the game releases.

Pixelated_Army4871d ago

I think you mean it plays similar to MAG because the graphics look a lot better. I'm really excited for this game can't wait.

metsgaming4871d ago

If its anything like mag im not getting it. I will wait for the beta to judge the gameplay though.

MysticStrummer4871d ago

I have no problem with it looking, and to a certain extent playing, like MAG. It's the only shooter this generation that's held my attention. Classic Mode all the way though.

Istanbull4871d ago

Good ole Socom days are returning! I played Socom 2 and 3 till my controller broke lol

Dante1124871d ago

Nice!!! Looks like ALOT of fun. I can't wait to play the beta.

NexGen764871d ago

Can't wait for the BETA next week.......

ardivt4871d ago

yeah the game really looks promising.
let's hope the beta rocks!

Cenobia4871d ago

The second video shows a lot of the gameplay I didn't know about. You can dive, and go into a first person aiming mode, or zoomed over the shoulder aiming mode, knifing, etc.

Kind of weird that everyone is playing it COD-style by nade spamming (and its hilarious that the guy almost gets killed by his own grenade like 4 times because of it).

Can't wait for this game.

Marked4870d ago

Nade spamming = COD???

I think you havent played socom. First thing 80% of players do in socom, run to a choke point and start chuckin grenades. Now the smart player will save one for the end of the round.

SwampCroc4871d ago

dude in the second video needs to learn how to play... chucking grenades might get you a kill and some assists... but your ass will get shot real quick in the open like that...

game looks good.. I liked the diving into the prone position.

DirtyLary4871d ago

but he's cool, he has his Xcopied_nameX online name on his shirt. Not even an original name, needs the X's

xPREDICTIONx4870d ago

@DirtyLary If it means anything to you, I own every single prediction name on the psn, I just thought I would clear that up. The x's just signify cross hairs, thats all. Yes though, I have all possible prediction combinations I just think this 1 fits me better because im a shooter fan. Thanks for the bash though, it gives me a chance to speak me mind.

KozmoOchez4871d ago

idk, i've played plenty of clans who start every match by tossing all their grenades into well known areas where people most likely run to start...but yes, grenade spam does suck.

If I even carry grenades, I'm saving them for the end game when we gotta get that last guy out of hiding

SwampCroc4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

I understand chucking grenades into well known hiding areas and stuff. and if I have a grenade equipped and a dude comes around the corner i'll drop it in front of me... I'd rather kill myself than give him the kill...

but this dude is supposed to be good or something (hence the custom shirt/chance to play Socom 4)... he started off like 0-6 just tossing grenades around...

I dunno the gameplay was cool and the footage was awesome... i just wish we could have watched a player that had some skill. because that was sad.

I'm just saying I wouldn't want a not-so talented player to play the game for a video promoting the gameplay.

KozmoOchez4871d ago

oh yea definitely...i got bored watching that guy for 10min just throw a grenade, walk a bit, then die