Sony Passing On Better Dual Shock For No Good Reason?

MGS4 producer Ryan Peyton may think the Dual Shock 3 feels better than the old version-and maybe it does-but according to Sony, the new controller is using Immersion's same base technology from 10 years ago. And it's a major point of contention that confuses Immersion as much as anyone else since they have far better technology in the ready.

Oh, but it would cost Sony money in new licensing, right?

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nice_cuppa4058d ago

i can feel it rumbling in different places. no you can't !

shane betensonyfanboy is full of poo !

bung tickler4058d ago

well to be fair there are fanboys from all three camps at EGM/1UP so ehh.

nice_cuppa4058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

murrr i love sony.

murrr i dont like your logic.

murrr reality makes me cry.....


\/ your both on my ignore list so say what you want ! do you feel better ?
now go listen to shane getting placebo rumble on 1up and start again !

Violater4058d ago

But so as the comment will be read.

Immersion seeks for someone to pioneer using their new tech which is fine.
But then who "foots the bill" when developers have to invest extra time in implementing it for the PS3 version of games when it wont be used in the other console versions.
Its not simply a matter of putting the hardware into the control, the software has to be written into the game in order to specifically take advantage of the touchsense technology.

Furthermore I think the PS3 has done enough to alienate itself from the average game developer.

secret4058d ago

So just sit back, watch this video, and laugh...

SJL4804058d ago

I hated the six axis on dual shock 3. Oh wait there was none. So I guess rumble + six axis = new tech

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nice_cuppa4058d ago

you know that their coming....

4058d ago
nice_cuppa4058d ago

oh and getting under your skin too it would seem.

murr low creature makes me sound so cool.

murr my insults are so good.

murr murr murr murr.

its ok my internet friends are there for me.......

4058d ago
Kokoro4058d ago

can still tweak what they have bought from Immersion. But it's nice to have rumble back again. :)

Dudeson424058d ago

I don't favor the PS3 at all, but I really don't think one rumble matters over a "standard" rumble. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think the MAIN issue is that yes, it rumbles now, thank god.

Danny Dan4058d ago

Sony must have their reasons. I seen some guy on Kotaku saying that Sony has already built the SIXAXIS controller with the rumble in mind. Meaning that the circutry inside has already the places where the motors can just be snapped on or something.

Or, manufacturing the motors. Maybe they already have all their factories to make the rumble in a certain way. It would not be a good idea to spend even more money to make adjustments in their factories for the new motor...

But what do I know? I'm sure Sony made the best decision they can possibly make but I sure would love to feel the Touchsense technology on the DS3.

pukka_p4058d ago

I always thought that six-axis was over engineered as far as the battery life is concerned. I've never had one run out of juice, and they always show at least 2 out of 3 power bars in the XMB whenever I've checked - even after long gaming sessions. I'd guess something like a 15-20 hour life.

The conclusion I came to, very soon after getting my PS3, was that these things were designed for rumble, without a doubt.

ATLRoAcH4058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

I think the old sixaxis can easily be rumblefied.I think Sony could take the old sixaxis stock and turn them into Dualshock 3s.It would save Sony a lot of money.

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