Polish Petition For Xbox Live

Looks like Polish Xbox 360 community got angry because of lack of Xbox Live support in their country and created a petition to Microsoft. Similiar petition that came from South Africa didn't do much, but it's always good to show some initiative.
Bigger online community means more fun, so it should be a good idea to support their cause.

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Dudeson424036d ago

I seriously didnt know that they didnt have LIVE. Thats a total bummer. Live is arguable the BEST reason to chose the 360. Does anyone know if they have PSN over there?

DaEnforcer4036d ago

I don't think they can't log to Live, they just don't have it in their native language.

Vertius4036d ago

As far as I'm aware, they simply don't have the service. They don't have it in Brazil, either. A friend of mine is getting a PS3 over there since there's no Live Coverage in the country.

Sayai jin4036d ago

Hmmm, I currently live in Germany, I have 4 or 5 people on my friends lis that live in Poland and they do have live, they just can not get all of the content. For instance I play with several males and females from Ireland and Scottland, over 1/4 of my friends list, they Live account says UK on the bottom, mine says Germany. If a country has a small population of people or 360 owners theu are logged into close lrger market.

360Jamaican40GigFL4036d ago

me and some of my friend in jamaica have live service we just choose america as our country

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