Sony Confirms Godzilla Blu-ray Release

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has confirmed that they will bring the 1998 version of 'Godzilla' to Blu-ray on March 28th in a "Monster Edition". Video will be presented in 1080p accompanied by a PCM soundtrack. Extras will include a featurette, a music video by the Wallflowers, and other additional features yet to be announced.

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THE_JUDGE4032d ago

was ehh, I hated how they made Godzilla look so different. I dunno if the old ones would look that great in HD.

boi4032d ago

I was so excited about this movie but then saw the monster GODZILLA and was disappointed :(

totally not what I was expected...using the name GODZILLA and turning it something else...oh well not the first time Hollywood has done that with eastern movies!

lonestarmt4032d ago

preach on. Just wait, the will do a western version of the host and totally #$%((#$# it up, watch.

ArduousAndy4032d ago

was an EXTREMELY over rated monster movie. There is no depth to the story. I do not know where everyone is getting that it was brilliant. IF they were to make a western version. I think it might be the same if not better because theres no where to go but up for that movie.

VendettaWFT4032d ago

The only good thing that came from this movie was the parody that Samuel L. Jackson and Christoper Lloyd did on the 1998 MTV movie awards...back when the movie awards were actually good

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Blood_Spiller4032d ago

Godzilla was the first DVD I ever bought, way back in 1998. I'll probably get this on Blu-Ray just to see the difference.

DarkArcani4032d ago

ah wait.... a movie.... grap. I though sense it was a game site, this was a game. My bad.

nasim4032d ago

format war comes to an end sooner than you think

GIJeff4032d ago

i want your autograph.

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The story is too old to be commented.