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October 3, 2007 - A melancholic piano sighs under the backdrop of sea-blown wind. As you meander along the paths of Doolin village, your steps color the scene with murder, suspicion and knowledge of the many realms of the Netherworld. This surreal and often-times haunted journey is the journey of Folklore - and this is one great reason to own a PlayStation 3.

Final Score 9.0

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conjurdevil4191d ago

wahh wahh wahh??!?! sleeper hitt???

nasim4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

TAKE that GARBAGE BOX 360 fanboys

x360 is now dead


BTW Gamespot and IGN gave TWO WORLDS a 7/10 . On the other hand an unbiased website like Gamespy and Gameinformer termed TWO WORLDS as the worst RPG ever made and gave it 2/10.

so 9/10 from an MS biased website is indeed good.

Violater4191d ago

from Genji to AAA??
sorry I am clearly in shock here.

ShAkKa4191d ago

As the Sony fan that i am,sometimes i think that you hurt our cause more than you help it,so post better comments and make us(ps3,ps2,psp,and sony fans) proud.

sticky doja4191d ago

Bubble for you man. Some people say theMart is the 360 equivalent of nasim but nasim is the only one I see that mindlessly bashes the other system whenever he types. I'm not sayin theMART doesn't bash the PS3, but at least he does it with class. Guess thats why Mart has 5 bubbles and nasim has only one.

ps3tag4191d ago

i was pretty surprised myself but consider that genji was a launch titles .. 95% of launch titles are done in 4 hours and it shows ;) .. but this should not shock ANYONE who has played the demo, it showed some simple and solid gameplay with good use of the motion controls ON TOP of amazing art direction, design and music ;)

Gamespot-equals-EGM4191d ago

Hate to say it but I think a lot of people like picking on Nasim because he has a Arab/Middle-eastern sounding SN. Just speaking the truth here.

hazeblaze4191d ago

HO-LY SH!T... I pre-ordered this game and was going to get it anyway, but I had no idea it would get such great reviews! I figured it'd be a A-AA game at best. Loved the demo though... Really can't wait to play now.

beast4191d ago

cant wait for this game

sticky doja4191d ago

"Hate to say it but I think a lot of people like picking on Nasim because he has a Arab/Middle-eastern sounding SN. Just speaking the truth here."

You obviously have not read ANY of Nasim's posts....ever.

Gamespot-equals-EGM4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

Okay, is he the only one saying such things on So I guess you're saying every other fanboy on shows proper ettiquete and is polite correct? LMAO. No way.

Why can't you people know....ignore him? It seems you guys go out of your way to MAXIMIZE his posts (b/c he only has one bubble, all his comments are minimized), read his posts then criticize what he says. Again, wouldn't it be easier just to ignore him? All you 'anti-nasim' people (I'm not pro-nasim by any means, I just ignore him) just seem too damn obsessed. Its just silly.

BTW, I have read some of Nasim's posts. They can be a bit obnoxious but not any more obnoxious then many other posts I've seen. He also seems to get a lot of agrees.

Itachi4191d ago

told everyone from the demo i played on pdn i gave it 9 and said it will get a 9

gaffyh4191d ago

I'm also quite surprised, I found it a little repetitive from the demo and I didn't expect it to get 9/10. The storyline must be really good for IGN to give it a 9.

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Antan4191d ago

Tremendous score. Visally it certainly is beautiful, in a similar way to Bioshock, its the art direction that shines. Music is great also. Looking forward even more than before.

synce4191d ago

IGN gave Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball a 9.2

synce4190d ago

It's funny how 3 people disagreed with my comment when it's a simple fact. Now that's the definition of a fanboy.

matypt4191d ago

Don't trust reviews anymore after halo

DarkArcani4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

Halo is still a good game. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it should get a bad score.

EDIT: @ crck & PS3tag - The reason for the high score was that there was so much offered in the game. Most reviewers said if it was single player only, the game would have got a much lower score. But due to the value, with everything offered it's a great game.

crck4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

But most people that play the game with an objective mind would score it an 8-8.5. The 9.5 to 10's it got was ridiculous in my opinion. Call of Duty 4 will own that game badly.

ps3tag4191d ago

finished halo 3 with the buds this weekend and cannot understand how it got a 10 .. the game is NOT perfect even though its alot of fun and i have to confess i had to get rid of the game to not get sucked into the multiplayer ;) ... but FAR from perfect.

Jinxstar4191d ago

@ Dark Arcani

I think what the person above you is refering to is reviewers being bought. If not I still agree with him. Bioshock was a single player only game(FPS) and got near perfect scores...

synce4191d ago

You think Halo 3 is the first instance in which the publishers pays off publications to give the game a good score? It's been going on for many years now. That's why games like GTA, Final Fantasy, and Halo get consistently good scores, despite being little more than rehashes.

Gizmo_Logix4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )


That's what I was thinking... in that it was going to get an 7.5- 8.0. But I didn't care. I like these RPGs anyways. Some predicted it would get a 8.5-8.8. They came close. But I'd figure that R&C would have a higher chance of getting a 9.0 since it has a large following and Insomniac went back to their roots and brought back the old "Silly" Ratchet character (not the dark one from last time).

Anyways, I'm glad this is a 15-20 hour game. And not 7-8 hours like HS.

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squallsoft4191d ago

...this came out of nowhere! so many games, so little $$$ XD


jtmill074191d ago

This game didn't come out of know where. It's just everyone over looked it. I've been following it for mouths... There have been so many games over shadowing this game a lot of people missed this game.

InMyOpinion4191d ago

Not so many games, no. I thought this game should turn out bad, from reading the review it sounds like a solid buy.

TheExecutive4191d ago

this is atop my gamefly account, and if I like it that much i will buy it at a discounted price! WOOT! THe demo was a blast.