Football Manager "not the right game for the Wii"

Creator sites lack of processing power and non-gamer audience: The Wii would not be a suitable platform for PC classic Football Manager, according to the game's creator. In an interview with Pro-G, Miles Jacobsen, MD of SEGA-owned developer Sports Interactive said that while he would "love to be doing something on the Wii" he didn't believe Football Manager in the form it appears on the PC "would be the right game to make for the Wii anyway".

Commenting on the challenges of bringing the game to Xbox 360, which doesn't have a mouse or keyboard interface, Jacobsen said: "If the Wii had the specs of the 360 that would be brilliant. You'd just use the Wii controller to do it and press the button. It (Football Manager) doesn't need a huge graphics card but it does need very good processors and very good RAM and preferably a hard drive to be able to do stuff with. And also resolution is important as well. The game plays much better in 720 than it does in standard definition because you can get much more on the screen."

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