Dogfights: The Game: Exclusive Trailer

Climb into the cockpit of history's most famous fighter planes in this new exclusive game series, produced in cooperation with the History Channel.

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CourtesyFlush4127d ago

What they need is a bonus level in which you replay the scene from "The Final Countdown" where a modern day nuclear powered aircraft carrier is transported back to December 7, 1941... Tomcats versus Zeros over the skies of Pearl Harbor! Oh, the excitement. *yawn*

Bolts4127d ago

Budget title. 'Nuff said.

While Dogfights is one of my favorite show it is extremely American centric in it's material. Other than the Aces of IDF show almost all of the combat and narratives are told from the American perspective. I'm all for flag waving and all but some of the most exiciting dogfights are best told from the Axis point of view.