FIFA 08: Gamespot Review Gives An 8.5/10

The sheer number of game modes make FIFA the most complete football game on the market, while the authenticity and quality of presentation continue to enhance the package overall.

EA Sports has taken substantial risks with this year's FIFA, but the resulting game can certainly be considered a successful experiment. It plays a more difficult and more refined game of football than its predecessors, and while it should be emphasised that the game is perhaps too difficult at times, it will reward players who put in the practice.

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resistance1004032d ago

Im sorry but more game modes doesn't = Better game.

It just hides the fact of shoddy gameplay compared with PES, the demo of Fifa 08 to me felt like the worse version in years.

If Fifa 08 is getting 8.5/10 Pes should be getting 11/10

Anyone who has played both PES and FIFA will agree

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt4032d ago

i think its a good score and i played both i am a reall big PES fan but when fifa came out this year with the demo i really liked it it plays so real and pes demo didnt really impress me it still looks last gen like ps2 graphics and they didnt really do nothing new agian they jus keep bringing the same game every year,, i was expecting some new stuff but they never deliver,, but fifa is great this year

felidae4032d ago

i think i will go with Fifa this time. Not impressed by PES

Komrad4032d ago

yea no thanks. PES 2008 for me.

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