New Star Ocean scans reveal release date

This week's Famitsu issue features two pages with information on Square Enix's Star Ocean remake that is headed to the Sony PSP. The issue reveals the release date of the game in Japan, which is December 27, 2007. Famitsu also reveals that a Star Ocean bundle that includes the game and a Sony PSP will be available by the end of the year.

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pwnsause4034d ago

oh cool first post, anyway, expect this to sell a lot of psps in the east.

Shaka2K64034d ago

The load times are almost none existing and every week more and more hot games are coming my way, its good to be a Sony PSP gamer today.

WilliamRLBaker4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

all reviews say the extra memory only causes for about a 10 second faster load time...

cnet review my trusted source on hardware reviews.

""Faster loading times: The new PSP utilizes a system setting called "UMD Cache" that enables faster loading of game discs. The secret is the new PSP's extra RAM--it's got 64MB versus the 32 on the original model, and just like a PC, more memory enables faster performance. Many games do indeed load faster--while Test Drive Unlimited showed no real improvement in GameSpot's testing, Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 and WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2007 both showed nice gains, for instance. **But don't expect miracles: the UMD load times are still poky when compared to the lightning-fast, Flash-based games of the Nintendo DS and Game Boy.**""

pwnsause4034d ago

So, is that bad? thats good. they're faster now.

WilliamRLBaker4034d ago

EXACT QUOTE! *I mean id be easy since theres only 3 posts and mine is in direct reply to the first*

""The **load times are almost none existing**'""

Really? you mean there are no load times whatsoever on the psp slim? wow...Last I checked it only increased loads by like 10 seconds...some psp titles can take over a minute to load!

Did I say it didn't go faster? I said IT only shaved off 10 seconds, I disputed his claim of *load times are allmost none existant* which to me means that load times are super small, 1-2 seconds...ect

[email protected]4034d ago

Looking forward for this one and waiting for Crisis Core(just in case that Sony and S-E team-up again and launch a special slim PSP as Japan).

Descendant4034d ago

I thought the graphics would at least look like Crisis Core, but hey I am still getting it.