Project Gotham Racing 4: iCgames Review Scores 90%

PGR 4 features not only a massive career mode that sees you rising from the rank of amateur to professional but a huge multiplayer side that is as addictive as ever, and this brings together the whole package nicely.

The weather effects are new to the series and are far more involved than just Bizarre flexing their graphical muscle. Ice, snow, fog and torrential downpours are a few of the hazards that you'll now have to encounter from time to time. These do have a direct impact on how you play the game with fog and rain causing severe visibility problems and snow and ice making ground traction a real problem. These weather effects have been implemented so cleverly that at times PGR4 feels almost sim like, but at the same time still managing to maintain that level of arcade madness the series has become synonymous with.

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Lex Luthor4086d ago

Love PGR, one of the best racing series ever.

Funky Town_TX4086d ago

is the big deal with PGR. Do we need like 20 reviews for it. Post 5 and move on. Darn fanboys. Just like Halo3 stop the darn reviews already.

BloodySinner4086d ago (Edited 4086d ago )

It's a good game, relax.

Rhezin4086d ago

Funkytown shut yo dam mouth. There has been like 4 you f!cking retard. Don't like it go back to your ps3 forums.