Sony Cutting Down On Funding For Its European Studios

Game developer studios from Europe such as the London Studio, Evolution Studios and Studio Liverpool can face project cancellations from Sony’s PS3 as the publisher aims to back this year’s exclusives with more resources. At the moment a number of high profile exclusive titles are coming up for release on Sony’s PlayStation 3 with some of these exclusives already having been released. These titles include Killzone 3, Little Big Planet 2 and SOCOM 4. However, it looks as if Sony has had to sacrifice a portion of the games coming in from its European studios to get this strong list of first party titles.

guigsy4848d ago

I think you will start to see studio mergers within Sony. Evolution and Sony Liverpool would probably be a good match.

Dante1124848d ago (Edited 4848d ago )

Cool, if they're doing it to focus on their first party games development. Though I hope some games are just canned instead of discarded.

Iamback4848d ago

They should merge and return old name and logo "psygnosis"!

Shadow Flare4848d ago

Psygnosis were the best. They were so prolific in the ps1 days. They made lots of games with lots of variety with good quality. And then they turned to studio Liverpool and have done nothing really compared. Formula One and Wipeout is all I can think of. We need the old psygnosis back. Colony wars, destruction derby, g police, rollcage, wipeout... they did so much

Vojkan4848d ago (Edited 4848d ago )

Yes true, but some of us that played games in late 80s early 90s, remember PSygnosis for making Nitro, Shadow of the beast and many more that I can't remember atm. Anyone who had Atari or Amiga computers remembers Shadow of the Beast.
They were one of the best developers around. Why the Sony changed their name and logo, I'll never understand

DualConsoleOwner4848d ago

no one is getting laid of or anything...

they are still hiring developers to help with the other projects...

Vojkan4848d ago

No one is getting "laid" buahahhaa

4848d ago
Anon19744847d ago (Edited 4847d ago )

^^^^ Is there some sort of Google translator I can find somewhere to decipher what you just said? Try English next time.

Wait - I found a translator that seems to work. That post roughly translates to "Troll troll troll. Troll de troll troll."

Edit - Holy crap, look at that guy's posting history. Brand new account and straight away it's doing nothing but attempting to piss off people off. I honestly think something's gotta be wrong with the brains of someone who spends his time trying to flame like this. There should be a hotline or something so these people can get help. How the hell do they even function IRL? Sad.

HappyGaming4847d ago

The further down a consoles life you get the cheaper is should become to produce equally as good games right?

sikbeta4847d ago


Wow dude, you get bubbles for trolling? quit already, for hating so much the PS3, you give it so much attention, you don't have anything better to do with you life and you preferred gaming platform?


I'm waiting for the getaway 3 and please don't discard anything, I keep hoping for 8 days to come out...

pixelsword4847d ago


*runs for 'da hillz"

stuntman_mike4847d ago


I remeber those days well, the amiga was and still is one of my all time favorites. and psygnosis was an excellent studio back then, shadow of the beast was excellent i think they done turrican aswell amongst others and a few footie games too.

i was wondering about these cut backs and if it has anything to do with this LG thing, maybe it hit SONY harder than we thought. or it could be just a bit of re-stratergising on SONY half..?

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Starhawk4848d ago

My guess is that they cancelled some Move games.

I think they need a flagship title for it, and Sorcery might be it.

Vherostar4848d ago

Once the exclusives sell millions and help shift more consoles the funding will return.

lee_ten4848d ago (Edited 4848d ago )

wace_me, you're on a roll today. what, no games to play?

all the people who cried about ps3 fanboys aren't even here to see the rampant tirade of trolls in ps3 articles. gee, i wonder why.

dabri54847d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if funding priority is shifting toward next gen resources.

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Iamback4848d ago (Edited 4848d ago )

Yesterday I wrote that I miss Phil Harrison.
Since that Japanese (Shu Yoshueida or whatever) guy took over he has been cutting PS3 projects left and right. First thing he did was to cut 8 Days and GetAway. BTW- where is full disc Whipeout that was on the way while Phil was there? O yeah cut for EyePet. If Phil stayed on his position we would be looking for sequel of those games. What a shame.
Uncharted, Infamous, Resistance, Motorstorm, LBP, you name it, those are all IPs that Phil green lighted for production.
Japanese guy hasn't done anything other then to live on Phils products.

EDIT: Could ... that disagreed explain on what facts he disagrees? thx

Vojkan4848d ago

Early version and yet cover system looks awesome

undercovrr4848d ago

Very good point. I don't know why Phil left, IMO he (and Sony) would have been much better off it he stayed.

stuntman_mike4847d ago

I agree about this yoshida fellow, all his done so far is cut developing on a lot of things, i'd like to know what his green lighted, maybe he will make a push on the NGP and concentrate on that?

Death4847d ago

It's funny how I can refer to Sonys own financial reports and get disagrees. Sony has not posted an annual profit from their games division since the PS3 launched. They have done a tremendous job reducing loses and should show their first annual results in the black when they release the report soon.

Sony does not gave unlimited funds. This is why they have struggled with marketing and securing third party exclusives. First party studios that aren't making money will always be an issue regardless which platform owns them. This doesn't mean Sony sucks or are doomed, but it is relevant to where they are today.


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