Yggdra Union coming to PSP in January 2008

Riviera: The Promised Land is probably the closest thing PlayStation Portable owners have in experiencing the tactical RPG title Yggdra Union, released on GameBoy Advance (GBA) late last year.

Well, it seems that Yggdra Union has gotten enough clout as the latest issue of Famitsu reported that it is being ported to the PSP platform and will be released on January 24, 2008. Details are still scarce as of now but the helpful NeoGAF forum members posted the following revisions:

* New additions to characters and the scenario
* There is a brand new 3 min opening movie
* Battle animations will be improved
* Types of Tactics Cards will be increased

We still have no word who will be publishing the game for the North American audience. But if we are to consider the recent actions of Sting with Riviera, it looks like the studio will be choosing Atlus USA for the project.

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MK_Red4031d ago

1 question: How do I pronounce the name of this game?