New PS3 exclusive racer Toy Home developer Revealed.

IGN reports - "The folks behind Genji and FolkSoul are working on this PS3 racer. We had a blast at the Tokyo Game Show playing Toy Home, Sony's surprise PS3 racing game. But the big question was, who was behind the title? It turns out that the SIXAXIS compatible toy racer is being developed by none-other-than Game Republic, the studio formed by former Capcom producer Yoshiki Okamoto and recently responsible for Folklore."

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Sevir044086d ago

This is the proper way to diversify your portfolio. first you make an action game then you do an RPG and then you do a racer that everyone seems to like. not do a string of rediculous and over the top rubbish rehash of DW games with new coats of graphic paint and call it a game. your games suck. and it's about time you learn how to do good games.

now on to this... i didn't know about this game at all. and it seems like a fun quirky game. i wonder if it's a network downloadable game. should be interesting because sony is certainly stepping up their online offerings. looks interesting like a fun party racing game. like the battle mode in mario cart.

Arkham4086d ago

Yeah, I'm really looking forward to this one. I'm impressed with the variety and originality of the PSN-only games. I can't wait for Echochrome, too.

Salvadore4086d ago

Does anybody know why it's exclusive for the Japanese market?

Marty83704086d ago

It says yet to be announced for outside Japan. So probably hear something at a later date.