The Disgusting, Repulsive, Revolting Rise of Fanboyism

Throughout the console generations, there's always been debate amongst gamers about which system is better than the other. However, this console generation has gotten completely out of hand between the PS3 vs Xbox 360 vs Wii. Find out one of our staff member's thoughts on the whole debate!

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M4ndat0ry_1nstall3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

Agreed, during this console generation why would people willingly choose to limit themselves to one console? I prefer trolls myself.

Edit @DA_SHREDDER: Well it's hard to argue with someone's personal opinion, especially when they have 3 of the same console in their home. But why do you as a "fanboy" need to convince others the PS3 is the superior choice if you are happy with your purchase? Other people have opinions too you know.

DA_SHREDDER3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

I willingly choose the ps3 cause of its superior software lineup and the free psn. Currently I have 3 ps3's I have one for the kids, and one for my bedroom, and my main one in the living room. I love not having to pay extra for xbox live cause me plus my 3 other kids that play would be paying money just to play with each other while using separate boxes. Also, I have friends that make their own psn accounts when they are at my house and they can come over whenever they want. Gaming sharing is like having 5 extra copies of the game. I would go on about the features but I think this one paragraph should justify my opinion.

tehpees33642d ago

I pick PS3 because it has by far the most and best exclusives. It has the best graphics. It has free online.

MintBerryCrunch3642d ago

somebody could make the same case for the 360 and the features that it offers

matter of perspective..everybody has a different standard for what is worth $300-$400

LOGICWINS3642d ago


You could make the same argument for either console since its a matter of opinion

malamdra3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

if it wasn't for all the abuse, lies and unfair critism the PS3 received during its first couple of years there wouldn't be hardly any PS3 fanboys

but it's really a lot fun to see that all the lies that were said about the PS3 now have become truth, but on the 360 and for the people who were lying, it's beautiful and funny

when the PS3 was critized for having no games it had: Resistance, Warhawk, Siren, Uncharted, Heavenly Sword, Haze, Genji, the fist Ratchet and Clank Future, Lair, Folklore, Wipeout and more plus all the multiplats, now the 360 has almost no games for real

it's a kind of poetic justice

3642d ago
malamdra3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

I bet that this guy was ripping on the PS3 in 2007 and now wants peace

PlayerX3642d ago

You guys do realize that Wii has more quality exclusives than PS3. Check Metacritic if you don't believe me.

evrfighter3642d ago

"if it wasn't for all the abuse, lies and unfair critism"


lol wtf abuse and lies? the hell is wrong with you

Seferoth753642d ago

@PLAyerX, No these are fanboys who live i na world where the PS3 is the only console with good games. They wouldnt be bothered to know they exist elsewhere as well. Sony is the only company with exclusives because only Sony exclusives count.

When your parents only buy you one console you cant be bothered with what the other 5 platforms out offer

Brosy3642d ago

I openly support the 360 because IT has the best graphics, IT has the best library, IT has the best online, IT has the best controller. NUFF SAID and **** all you PS3 fanboys.

malamdra3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )


during 2006-2008 it was said:

-that PS3 had no games (during its first year it had: resistance, uncharted, siren, ratchet and clank future, wipeout, folklore, genji, haze, lair, heavenly sword, motorstorm, warhawk plus all the multiplats which seems a little more than what the 360 has this year)

-that had inferior graphics and was never going to have a game that will beat the first Gears technically

-that Sony was about to cancel production and leave the gaming industry leaving the few people that bought the PS3 with no future games after 2007

-that all third party devs were turning their backs on Sony and will start developing only for the 360

-that the hardware was unreliable and had a higher failure rate than the 360

-that blu ray was going to fail

-that PS3 games could not be played online

lies like that, and that was said not only by 360 fanboys but on articles by major gaming sites

so it's really funny to see the 360 in ruins and peddling to the Wii's casual audience with shovelware, and at the same time doing for real a lot of the things that the PS3 was falsely accused of

those are the lies and abuse that I wrote about, even that retard Pachter said that due to the PS3 failure Sony was planning to release a PS3 console with no blu ray

ivant3642d ago

I have an xbox 360 but my console of choice is my Ps3.

I enjoy for many reason and keep my mouth shut about the cons of the 360 or Wii.

Unfortunately, the diehard fanboyz don't do likewise.

yonkersfinest883641d ago

This is a great opinion and i definitely respect your choice being that i myself own a ps3 as well. However there as always is a flip side to that belief and argument. The playstation because its a free online service has never been known for its outstanding online service or vast features and options the old motto you get what you pay for and indeed the PSN service is free and therefor when comparing it to Xbox Live the features are barren and basic. However if you are a Playstation Plus member you have to pay a fee and then you will have features similar to the xbox in terms of online. So for people looking to just get the bare minimum standard online connection to play games online and not looking to spend the extra cash on an online subscription fee i agree that the PS3 is the way to go. If you are not interested in all at playing games online and your looking to save a lot of money then the Xbox is definitely the cheaper option retailing at $200

elpresador3638d ago

I only ask cause the PS2 contengent back then did al the things against the first xbox that you and others say was being done to the PS3 this gen.

Bottom line, being a fanboy is stupid. Nothing wrong with being a fan but going to that extra level is beyond stupid. Wile MS has their fair share of retarded fanboys, I always find it funn how the PS3 fanboys usually come out saying how much more mature they are and are in an older demographic because they can afford the PS# (day one anyway) and the 360 was for kids cause they or mommy and daddy couldnt afford a ps3 yet those that maid those claims were acting more childish with saying such things than just about everyone.

I dont have a wii so can't say anything about it (though games like Mad World are freaking awesome) but I have a 360 and a PS3 and for the most part, the PS3 I only use for exclusives (though not all) and as a blu-ray player. I will say that PS3 fanboys for some reason tend to only seem to play exclusives as opposed to multi plats as well which, to me, invalidates them as a gamer since they refuse to play those awesome games (Like Arkham Asylum was an awesome multiplat). When it comes to majority of gaming, I stick to the 360. I usually buy all multiplats on the 360 (unless like say Super Street Fighter 4 cause my nephew only has a PS3 and I like playing him online so I have it for both systems) mainly because I prefer the controller on the 360 and seeing as I am paying for live (which i have no issues with) Id rather do MP games (like the COD games) on it so as though I dont feel that I am not getting all my moneys worth out of it.

Simply put, play waht you like and if possible, own all systems cause there are excellent games on every platform out there. Fanboys these days are by far worse than ANY sports fans, they are even far worse than Yankee and Red SOx fans.

All fanboys regardless of system preference need to grow up, simple as that.

THough I tried to go down the middle, I know I will get a ton of disagrees due to blind fanboyisms from one side imparticular and if that is the case then so be it, but if you do disagree because you ARE a fanboy, you are just proving my point that you need to grow up and realize that there are far more important things in life then pounding your chest and spouting to the world "My gaming system is da best on the planet and if you dont agree then you are a retarded gay girly man who does not know what he is talking about. I PLEDGE MY LIFE FOR (insert company here) AND WOULD GLADLY PLEASURE THE HEAD CEO OF SAID COMPANY IF HE WERE TO ASK ME!!!"

I will say though that I still think that the worst time for the whole fanboy thing was the SNES vs. Genesis/Megadrive days which was before the internet. Granted I was a few months shy of 12 when the SNES came out, wjenever the issue of video games came up there was no gray area, just Nintendo or Sega. THough I was a kid then I would say THAT system war was the greatest ever when it came to fanboyism. Those of you around today may not remember or may not even were around back then but the nintendo vs sega war was/is way beyond anything today. Too bad the net was not really around then..

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ApocalypseShadow3642d ago

no one tried to convince gamers that ps3 was superior,we just knew it was when it was hardware releasing one year later.that should have been obvious.

i think what gamers like myself got pulled in to was the arrogance and lies that microsoft spewed since ps3 launched.saying 360 was more powerful because of early multiplat game engines not running the same.

gamers bashed sony for tossing punches and being arrogant.but when the root of the problem was removed(ken kutaragi),microsoft continued(even to this day) to spew arrogant nonsense for the next 4 1/2 years and not being professional.and it comes from the top.and this unprofessionalism came from media websites.

edge,eurogamer,IGN,1up,game trailers,etc...caught in double standards and video lies.vgchartz creating lies,lense of truth creating lies.but ps3 fans were supposed to accept all the nonsense as truth.

or the misinformation and lies that came from microsoft's fanbase..."1080p at 120fps for all games..."but not one fan could produce a link to a sony source or's 2..

sony said they hoped ps3 to support 120fps tvs and that ps3 would SUPPORT 1080p in games.not come as standard across all games.but that's not how "fans" put it.

we saw how these "fans" tried to convince others that 360 was the only system to get and was better than another piece of hardware.but now that they had to back peddle on 1080p support,hdmi,larger hard drive,motion control,watching movies,having a lack of exclusives,they now want to get along and be nice.

they want us to be multi console owners and pay $60 dollars a year,have a lack of exclusives,pay higher prices for HDDS and accessories.they want us to give microsoft a pass for arrogance,they want to come together as one gaming community with poor consumer spending.

i chose ps3 because it did everything 360 could do and would be REDUNDANT to buy it.same with wii.why buy it when move does everything and more that wii does?it's not shoving it down gamers throats,it's putting the truth out there to see...

LOGICWINS3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

"i think what gamers like myself got pulled in to was the arrogance and lies that microsoft spewed since ps3 launched.saying 360 was more powerful because of early multiplat game engines not running the same."

When the hell did Microsoft say that the 360 was "more powerful" than the PS3? Quote please.

EDIT: Oh, I'd like the link too with the Microsoft representative whose EXACT words were that the "Xbox 360 is more powerful than the PS3".

EDIT# 2: Its been about ten minutes and as I response. Your full of crap dude and the fact that seven people actually agreed with you expresses the problem with this site. If anyone is spreading lies...its you.

3642d ago
LOGICWINS3642d ago

lol, 9 disagrees and still no one can prove what I'm saying is wrong, haha funny people indeed.

KratosGod33642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

This is what you mean???
I openly support the PS3 because IT has the best graphics, IT has the best library, IT has the best online, (free) IT has the best controller. NUFF SAID and **** all you 360bot fanboys.

Pootangpie3642d ago

Fictional Conspricy alert

hellzsupernova3642d ago

@logic wins they adverised in japan saying the ps3 is worse at every turn. fanboy much do some research before making a comment

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VINNIEPAZ3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

I'll never be a fanboy when I get to play my games on all this...

Fanboys are just lames...

EDIT - My girl works at a gamestop and they were gonna throw the sign out, so she asked if we could have it and they said yes. Also I wish my mother did pay my bills (I miss being a kid) =(

AGamerOfConsoles3642d ago

Now that is an awesome set up.

I couldn't possibly afford all those.

Blad3star3642d ago

Where did you get the 360 neon sign from? I want want for my game room.

Cool set up bro.

Also your mom must be pissed at her energy bill :)

Toenado3642d ago

I would gladly set up a game room like that. But my wife would slap the piss out of me.

Blad3star3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

Also any one know where I can get of this console/controller holder?

yonkersfinest883642d ago

I wrote this article and let me just say this picture is amazing!! lol great collection man!

TBM3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

don't know why people disagreed with you but hey what are you going to do. question how many 360s do you have i saw 2 wii's, 2 psp's, a ps3, and a ds? also how the hell do you keep that area cooled?

i only have just one of each myself lol.

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Dylantalon13642d ago

the worst fanboys are the ones that lies to themselves and others about matters that are facts about a particular console and its games. i dont consider myself a fanboy, but i do prefer things that are powerful and technologically advanced. some people dont care for the best or quality , but theyll rather do what their friends are doing or whats popular

miyamoto3642d ago

well said by someone who uses common sense +bub

coz most many gamers can't afford multiple consoles so they chose the only one & the bang for the buck & the best!

DanSolo3642d ago

I think Mandatory install's comment was a pretty fair one... so why all disagrees and no agrees?
To be honest that pretty much sums up that the article has a good point.... fanboyism is one of the dumbest things a person can choose to be.... and it pretty much just blocks any reasonable debate as the fanboy has willingly locked themselves in to a closed cyclic mindset where they are unable and unwilling to think logically.

There is nothing wrong with preferring one console over another, everyone has their own personal preference as to what they like and what they don't like. But this fanboyism is just ludicrous. Why do 360/PS3/Wii owners feel the need to justify themselves and the need to defend their consoles honour? It's not ya wife ya know.... and using another console isn't cheating!

I personally have a PS3, as when I got it I wanted a games machine/blu-ray player/free online. Now I would say that apart from a few advantages on Xbox live that the PS3 is the better machine. But I have no personal bias either way. I also had a Wii that I gave to my mum as I got bored of it.
Last gen I had a PS2 and an Xbox, both of which were good.
I like the PS3 and I want it to be successful so that my purchase was not a waste, but I could quite happily own a 360 and feel the same way. Next gen I will wait and see which console seems to be the best one for me and that is how I will decide what one to buy.

Brand loyalty is a complete fucking joke...
Neither Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo or any other company give a shit about the consumer... they only care about sales.... now there is nothing wrong with that as long as they provide quality merchandise and do not rip people off. But for people to tie themselves with blind loyalty to a faceless company that just wants your money is the epitome of stupidity!

Wake up fanboys.... and for fucks sake stop selling yourselves short... you are willingly choosing to be fucking idiots.... that is like choosing to be retarded.... There are many idiots of many varieties in the world.... choose to be something more, something better than a petty little fuckwit who places too much importance on irrelevant things!

Life is too short to waste on such blatant idiocy!

Dante1123642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

I think people are disagreeing with him only because....he could be seen as part of the problem with the divide in the gaming community in some folks eyes. I just think he's...extremely opinionated with most of his statements regarding the PS3 and the X360 ("Mandatory Installs" (-_-).

"We choose what we will be, every moment of every day. To hate is easy, because it feels good to strike at the great enemy (fear). To love is difficult, as it challenges us to open our fist and trust blindly. I look at my closed fist and see in it the world, locked in fear and anger. I look at my open hand and see the universe, open to possibility."

Peace to all gamers. Forget this console war bs.

rezzah3642d ago

I choose PS3 because of my history with Sony systems. They never failed to please me with their amazing games.

I dont go with other console even if my siblings or couzins have them because thats their choice not mine. Still i dont mine playing other games on other systems. Theres no bias, just a personal choice.

CaptainGreece3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

Really getting Sony products runs in my family it is tradition lol. All my cousins have a Ps3 and a Sony TV.

Also before the Ps3 we had Ps2 and Ps1.

3642d ago Replies(1)
lee_ten3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

mandatory_install: one of the biggest fanboys on this site talking about fanboyism.


RatherHavaBigGirl3642d ago


the disagrees show how much this site is infested with fanboys. especially ps3 fanboys. i can say this with a straight face and the only console i own is a ps3. fanboys are losers and effect the industry by accepting even low-quality just because of the meaningless console argument (not war....war? lmao)

XabiTheHumble3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

@PlayerX why don't you just give us a link?
Because I know damn well your not talking about 90% and up games.

yonkersfinest883641d ago

This is a great response and one that I tried to convey in my article here and that is everybody should just be happy and content with their own console or consoles.

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Ddouble3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

Good article. I didn't know about the death and bomb threats lol.

I disagree about that there are more fanboys for Xbox360 or PS3 more than Nintendo though. I think Nintendo has just as much as the other consoles.

I also think another thing that causes this is lies and bias against a console and its games from the media, this gen especially.

Titanz3643d ago

No way in h*ll is there just as much Nintendo fanboys, as there are Sony and Microsoft fanboys.

Winning3643d ago

Nothing you say will ever change anything. Kids will be kids. There's no need to stress over it, it's really not that big of a deal. Someone else's immature rants should not affect you at all.

killyourfm3642d ago

Fanboyism typically is triggered by economic and financial restraints. When a person is stuck with only one console because they simple can't afford others, they subconsciously try to sabotage the competition so that their choice - the one they're stuck with - ends up the successful one meaning more games and more options for them.

kaveti66163642d ago

true, but it's not a good excuse. I'm poor as hell but I have both a Ps3 and a 360 and even though I cant afford it I want a Wii.

I don't like consoles at all because they are just the machines that play the games.

The consoles limit our experiences. They don't expand them. They are political components of the games industry because developers with limited resources are always making decisions and deals regarding consoles.

anasurimbor3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

It's funny how people are trying to be all poignant and talk about the deep roots of "fanboyism", when "fanboys" are just being trolls on the net or are kids.

Tuxedo_Mask3642d ago

Or the "fanboys" are the ones doing the most complaining about "fanboys".

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