Alan Wake Sales - 1 Million Served Worldwide is reporting the Microsoft 360 exclusive (Alan Wake) has now sold 1 million units Worldwide.

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teething2831d ago

well, it is better than nothing.

SAdly, it was the 3rd most pirated game last year... after MW2 and CODBO.

I picked it up this winter for 20$ new... and must say that it was surprisingly a phenomenal game. My only beef was poor lip syncing.

ComboBreaker2831d ago

sales do don't don't matter, especially the sales of Alan Wake in the US.

OneSneakyMofo2831d ago

If this game had a couple of space marines and a crosshair, it would've sold 5 million or more by now.

Sadly, that's all 360 fans care about based off these figures.

Epicor2831d ago

Piracy is a bi*ch. It's sad to see a great game like this not succeeding commercially that well. Even me coming from the Ps3 side can give credit to this game. Remedy is such a great developer - others should take note how to master the unique ambiance and great story telling.

NewMonday2831d ago

Really hope MS doesn't give up on games like these, some of my favorite games are dumped just because they didn’t sell 3m+, like Lost Odyssey, Kemeco, and AW.

Fans should get a petition movement to get the attention of MS.

sikbeta2831d ago


really? what a shame then, that's a survival horror that should had the support from the x360 owners, instead of you know, shooters, cos even if both MW2 and BO were pirated as hell, keep selling quite well...

Survival Horror Genre FTW! :P

Inside_out2831d ago

First, it's great that Alan wake has reached 1 million in sales assuming Vg is correct but I'm not sure if they take the digital version of the game into account that has been packaged with the 360 S as a bundle. It could be higher or lower depending on how you view such data. For example, Kung Fu Panda sold 3 million bundled with 360...O_o...

Regardless, it has not sold the way M$ had hoped or envisioned. All this talk about how M$ didn't support the game is ridiculous. They created an entire mini series around the franchise but some gamers had other intentions...that would be...pirated copies.

It was reported that the highest pirated game on 360 was, surprisingly I might add, Dante's Inferno at 1.5+ million. Second to that game was our artsy Alan wake at 1.14+ million. Now if AW had sold 10+ million like COD Black ops, then that number wouldn't appear as bad but when a game struggles to sell even a million then it kinda stands out, Black ops was pirated 950,000+ times which tells another story...multi-player...

Lack Of Multi-player...

The incredible use of light from the single player campaign may of restricted a deathmatch/capture the flag on-line multi-player type of game play but should/could of worked in a L4D co-op on-line offering. Having an exclusive game on Xbox with no multi-player or co-op is a major oversight and I believe one of the reasons for the piracy and lack of sales in general.

Another reason that I'm sure played a part was the marketing of the game. It focused to much on the narrative aspects of the game when in fact the game is a third person shooter with fantastic controls, great use of light, environments, puzzles and some of the best atmospheric effects in gaming...

One thing the rabid fantards jump on was the resolution of the game, like it had an effect what so ever on the game or how it looked or played. KZ is notorious for it's 640x340p special effects ( smoke, fire...etc ) rez...I doubt the pixel counters noticed. Alan Wake's resolution was chosen for a very specific reason and it had to do with delivering the amazing atmosphere and use of light game play ever seen in gaming...AW's engine is one of the best this gen on ANY system...

The engine is amazing but with out the game play it wouldn't matter...luckily AW delivers...

RIP Rusty...

In the end it doesn't matter. Ignorant fanboys/pixel counters in gaming, as in life, will continue to live in ignorance. They don't play the games, they play the numbers which is fine until it doesn't suit their dumb arguments.

AW didn't sell 12+ million like Halo 3...but it didn't have to. The team at one point was only 25-30 people. Halo Reach had 30+ guys working on the engine alone...of course Halo Reach is quite the accomplishment...

teething2831d ago

@ rage

I think it lacked the broad appeal of your typical space marine/military shooter. That effected sales, but the biggest killer in my mind was the fact the AW was released the same day as Red Dead. THAT was a phenomenal game also, and most people chose it over AW (I did, you can't go wrong with rockstar). It was a pretty long game, so by the time they finished it, the next big thing had arrived and people forgot about AW.

I just hope we get an AW2. I really enjoyed the story telling, and the atmosphere. Both are lacking these days in games.

darthv722831d ago

it is a really good game. I got the digital download version. Got the official MS card from amazon for $10. $2 for the game card and $8 shipping.

Regardless of the shipping it was worth it. Considering ms charger $20 on xblive. If anyone is wondering, there was a thread about it a few weeks back. Alan Wake for $2 or something like that.

Great game!

insomnium22830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

So cez now the PS3 gamers are only pixel counters? I could swear the x360 fanboys went apeshit each and every time a multiplat was better on x360 a few years back. They still do that.

Additionally it was x360 fans who made claims about uber graphics in AW based on BULLSHOTS. They bit their own tale with that.

It's a shame for AW to not get the sales it deserves. If I had a x360 this game would be my first purchase. However MS made it clear in the early days of this generation in 2005-2008 that they don't want my money. All the BS attacks. I bought a x360 used and the bought Geow and Halo 3 and few other games. After RROD I sold the refurb and never looked back. Geow was fun and so would this game be. Too bad they are on the wrong platform.

Now after ME 2 came to PS3 there is even less reasons for me to buy a x360. I will get one eventually but I'm in no hurry since there are new games left and right on my PS3. I can't even support all the great games on PS3 but that has nothing to do with piracy or me being only interested in FPS or 3rdPS games. The amount of new games is simply too much.

Parapraxis2830d ago

cez of rage - "Attack of the ignorant fanboys...commence..."

The funniest thing is you can't see how that was a declaration that you made which perfectly applies to the absurd post you followed it with!

I agree 100% ;)
You should put that declaration before EVERY post you make.
Sort of like a disclaimer so people know that you are about to ramble on in your typical delusional way.

Anon19742830d ago

I'm still looking forward to giving this game a go. In Canada they were charging $70 for it forever, even when it dropped to $30 in the US (and the Cdn dollar is at par with the US dollar). That's the only reason I haven't picked it up yet.

Now it's only $20 I can pick it up at my leisure. I waited so long for this game it just doesn't feel like their's any rush to pick it up.

YodaCracker2830d ago


I guess it was a mistake to release on the same day as RDR, but RDR really came out of nowhere and blew everyone away. Well, I was following it long before release, being a Rockstar fan, but it definitely wasn't the highest profile game until just before release. Alan Wake's release date couldn't be changed anymore at that point.

People still could have picked up both, though. It came out at one of the slowest times of the year for game releases, and there certainly wasn't any other big release on the 360 around that time that I can think of. Nothing in June. Crackdown 2 in July...

hellzsupernova2830d ago

wow thats sad! the devs of these kinds of game are dieing out cause all everyone seems to buy are shooters. i loved heavy rain on my ps3 and i say i wouldve loved this if i still had an xbox

ComboBreaker2830d ago

No one is going to read that wall of text, dude.

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meetajhu2831d ago

useless games like cod sell. gr8 games like this suffer. Humans have become stupid.


Its my favourite Xbox game after mass effect 1 and 2

Minartis2831d ago

Me too , it's definitely one of my favorite games this gen.


I love the piano music and the narrative effects, I still can't make out the ending though :/

FailOverHero2831d ago

Vgchartz were right about Killzone selling 250k in NA week one, NPD confirmed it. All of you doubted, some said 500k was just in NA and not worldwide, NPD comes out with the same numbers and nobody gives vgchartz props for calling it.
So I'm not gonna doubt these numbers.

coldfoot2831d ago

Even a broken clock is right twice a day...

lee_ten2831d ago

what does that have to do with alan wake? oh, nothing. you just had to bring it up to suit your agenda, right?

Death2830d ago

lol at vgcharts getting a good guess. Vgcharts sample rate in their area is pathetic at best. Vgcharts "worldwide" sample rate can surely be counted on one hand and have 4 or 5 fingers left over.

Even a blind squirrel gets a nut once in awhile, but atleast they don't pretend to be fat. They don't make up and publish sales numbers either.


HolyOrangeCows2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

If we allow any VGChartz "estimation" sales page to be acceptable as a submittable "Article", then any game could be submitted at any random amount. Not to mention how unreliable VGChartz is.

@cez of rage
That's QUITE the damage control....after about, what, 10 years of development? didn't have to sell much because it has a smaller team NOW? I'd say their investment did NOT pay off.

"Alan Wake's resolution was chosen for a very specific reason and it had to do with delivering the amazing atmosphere and use of light game play ever seen in gaming...AW's engine is one of the best this gen on ANY system... "
So if a game has a near gamecube-level resolution, it's okay because of the lighting engine? LOL...okay, buddy. And you're even going to go as far as "AW's engine is one of the best this gen on ANY system"? You're silly.

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Mohdunknown2831d ago

wtf kind of submission is this??? Is it necessary to report sales from a game that came out a year ago from a source like vgchartz????

BX812831d ago

Maybe if you're wondering... Did this game sell enough to warrent a part 2? I personally hope there is one. Great game. Good action and story without having to shoot a M-4/M203!

YodaCracker2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

Uhh... Alan Wake reached a big milestone with 1 million copies sold. I believe that warrants an article and a submission. And VGChartz is a very reliable source for worldwide sales as has been proven time and time again. The facts are simply ignored here on N4G, though. One person says VGChartz is unreliable when the 360 is destroying the PS3 in sales, and all the mindless fanboys follow. Soon everyone is against VGChartz.

Well, outside of N4G it is a very respected site.

"VGChartz has been cited and featured by a number of leading worldwide publications such as Reuters TV, The BBC, CNN Money, The New York Times, Fortune, Business 2.0, Forbes, The New York Post, The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Times, Süddeutsche Zeitung, The Birmingham News, The Toronto Star, The Indianapolis Star, The Inquirer,, CNet, Seeking Alpha, O’Reilly Radar, Yahoo Games and The Guinness Book of World Records."

Oh, the jealousy!

fucadastates2830d ago

yoda.. how can vgchartz be a relivle source, when on the front (ww sales thing) they are wrong every time... when ms comes out and say, we have sold that many xbox360 to 5 days ago, and VGc are 3-4 million more... (if ms count shiped.. then it would deff not be higher than there numbers.)

Prcko2831d ago

1 million now?
lol,that's very low for this good game
2 bad it's not ps3 exclusive(would have much better sales than this)

Tachyon_Nova2831d ago

Motorstorm 2, Ratchet & Clank ACiT and MAG are only around 1 million and the ate quality games...

zootang2831d ago

Be fair though, Alan wake had 5 years of hype.

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Clarence2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

Alan washout 5yrs in the making. They should have left it open world and added Master chief. If it would have been onnthe PS3 it would have sold better. wait until that new game comes out thats like Demons Souls, the PS3 version will sale better. The PS3 is not just a FPS console.

Aloren2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

Duh, of course "that new game comes out thats like Demons Souls" will sell better on PS3, just like Mass Effect 3 will sell better on 360. That's called common sense.

And also, most major RPGS sell better on 360 (I'm pretty sure this will be the case with Dragon Age 2 for example). FF13 being the only exception I can think of. See, the 360 isn't just a FPS console either ;)

Alan Wake was just released at the wrong time. I doubt it would have sold better on PS3.

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DigitalRaptor2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

How about too bad it's not multiplatform?

Remedy really made a mistake, whether they would like to admit it or not. 5-6 years in development and only 1 million sales? Microsoft did not treat this game as they should have (marketing/advertising) and how it deserved.

It should definitely have come out for PC too. Cancelling the (superior) PC version really killed the hype. PS3 would have been a very good option, but not necessary.

Pjuice2831d ago

should of def released on pc i mean rememdy still has the pc build on a hard drive for god sakes, all those high rez screens you used to see of the game were running older pc hardware and still looked better than the 360 version and you know it would of supported controller for anyone that would of liked to use one on the pc......

Persistantthug2831d ago

Look at Heavy Rain...not exactly the same genre, but both have similar themes (psychological thriller),

Heavy Rain sold 2 million units at its 1 year release anniversary.

So be it, though.

lelo2play2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Stop trolling... Many PS3 exclusives have not reached 1 million sales.

BTW... Why is it that PS3 fanboys are always pissed when X360 exclusives don't reach other platforms?

If you want the exclusives, buy both consoles like me.

fr0sty2831d ago

most have reached 1 mil actually, few haven't.

lee_ten2831d ago

hold on...when were ps3 fans ever pissed off about 360 exclusives reaching other consoles?

oh, and having both consoles doesn't excuse fanboy behavior.

like you're displaying now.

Rageanitus2830d ago

??? pissed that xbox exclusives that did not make it to PS3? I dont see that at all ps3 fanboys are only pissed when exclusive ps3 games went multiplatform.... but Sony has done well by introducing MUCH more new exclusive IPS than MS

Its sad that Alan WAke did not do well because it was truly the best xbox exclusive game.....

lets see there is Halo... and im sure alot of ps3 fanboy base are not envious for the Halo..

The guess tha leaves gears.... which IMO is the only game that the ps3 fanboy should be evious of.

blackburn52830d ago

Your misinformed. Many PS3 exclusives pass the 1 million mark and few don't. And with all the 'Alan Wake will be better than UC2 and Heavy Rain' talk you would think it would have done better. Anyway no worries. It VGC. How right could they be?

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jbiz3202831d ago

the fact that this game ONLY sold 1 million is completely the fault of MS..

CommonSense2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

can't help but agree here. MS should have known better than to release this along side RDR which had an amazing ad campaign.

On the other hand, MS did a lot of really clever advertising for this game. I remember i had a Bright Falls radio station on my pandora for a while. and that mini series was great ( i still recommend people watch it.

alan wake would have done so much better if they held it til june or july or launched in feb/march. it wasn't the best game i ever played, but it was definitely memorable.

jbiz3202831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Right.. I cant help to believe that if this game was released a week or two BEFORE Red Dead Redemption sales would have been a lot better.. RDR sucked the air out of the room (deservedly) when it came out. MS shoulda known Rockstars game would be huge.. no excuse for that mistake.

guigsy2831d ago

I guess 1 million sales in less than a year isn't that bad, but yeah I don't think Microsoft got behind this game as much as they do for their other first party titles. The quality of the game is certainly not to blame.

SonyNGP2831d ago

It's depressing to see a game being pirated more than being sold.