PS3 May Get Performance Boost in New Model reports, without citing any source, that Sony may improve the new PS3 by replacing the original 5400 RPM hard drive with a faster 7200 RPM hard drive. The new hard drive will improve load times by anywhere from 2 to 5 seconds and reduce 10 seconds on every download off the PlayStation Network.

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sticky doja4032d ago

Why did it have a 5400 RPM HD to start with? I didn't even know they still made those. I have had 10000 RPM SATA's in my PC for over 2 years.

Mu5afir4032d ago

The faster the disk rotates, the more heat it creates. If you want your system to live longer I suggest you go with the 5400, as a few seconds off loading time simply isn't worth overheating the system.

SquallSK4032d ago

OMG , 5400 is a standard for 2,5" HDDs .. wake up dude .. it doesn't have 3,5" like your Raptors do ! ..

BlackCountryBob4032d ago

5400RPM drives are the most common in 2.5inch laptop drives, until very recently 7200RPM laptop drives were very rare and very expensive. 10,000RPM drives are 3.5inch desktop only so wouldn't have been possible in the PS3 enclosure.

While a little benefit to the loading times of PSN games would be nice (though I can't say this has ever been something I have considered a problem) I can't see this giving a boost to PS3 sales, I would imagine that there is not much of a backlog of would be PS3 owners who were holding out for a faster HDD!

funkycoldmedina4032d ago

@Sticky Doja. Laptops are meant to be portable and the slower HDD RPM uses less battery juice, probably quieter and runs cooler. Stability, reliability and battery life are usually most important for typical laptop users on the go. For the smaller size HDD (2.5") used in laptops and the PS3 cost is higher than typical PC HDD (3.5") regardless of RPM speed. The cheapest 160GB 2.5" SATA HDD 5400RPM I've seen runs between $100-120 US at

tatical4032d ago

@sticky doja

You have a 10000 RPM HDD because you have a PC, not a laptop. PC HDDs top out at 15000 RPM, a laptop HDD will top out at 7200 RPM.

The PS3 uses a 'laptop' HDD, not a PC HDD, BTW 5400 & 7200 RPM laptop HDDs are common in laptops (4200's are used in ultra compact laptops and iPods).

7200 RPM aren't 'always' faster than 5400 RPM HDD because of areal density. If the areal density of a 5400 HDD is higher than that of a 7200 HDD, the 5400 may be faster. If the MB are 'tighter' together, then more data can be read each rotation, therefore it won't have to spin as fast. That's why 250 GB @ 5400 have similar performance to a 100 GB @ 7200 RPM.

The 7200 RPM HDDs Sony may use most likely have the same (or very similar) areal density. HDDs that have the same technology, but different RPMs, will benefit from higher RPMs.

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sak5004032d ago

Same comment as in the other post: how about something to give ps3 games boost?

Jandre024032d ago

Its been known for awhile the way these releases were going to pan out. This same old BS games stuff is annoying.

All year you Xbots have been saying the same thing. You know when the games will be coming out. Other than the slight increase this summer, its been know the games will start coming this month, in October.

How come every week people act like they didnt know the games werent coming out until the end of the year. Do you really type this stuff and think your saying something even remotely clever. God damn nerds. *sniff* *sniff* "Ahoey, how about some games for a durrr ur ps3. HEHEHE "*snort snort*

And BTW,
Fight Night, Motorstorm, Ninja Gaiden, Oblivion, RFOM, Heavenly Sword,Warhawk.

Maybe they arent exclusives or "AAA", but hell I can only think of 3 games as of now that really are console defining on the Xbox.
Halo, Bioshock, Gears.

All shooters, good shooters, but shooters. I dont really care that xbox has an array of titles i couldnt give a damn about. I know ill be playing FF,Socom,Killzone, MGS4 (games you xbots wont be playing). All KNOWN AAA. Collect as many worthless games as you want to, ill spend about $200 on video games next year and be perfectly happy for the duration of it.

Mu5afir4032d ago

7200 RPM is going to create significantly more heat for the system.. I doubt Sony is going to take the risk for only a few seconds of loading time. So, we can debunk this rumor right now.

jlytle12344032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

i long for the day when i can throw in an sdd drive. talk about fast quiet and low heat. but still very very expensive.

dauden4032d ago

There was a article about testing a 7200RPM disk in a PS3 not long ago. The conclusion was that it produced minimal amounts of heat over the 5400RPM. Also install and loading times were faster.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

Click on Link, because n4g attached image resizes to small size.

SacredENA4032d ago

"and reduce 10 seconds on every download off the PlayStation Network."

If someone here can explain to me how faster rotational speed on a hard drive will decrease download times, I'll give them a gold star.

BlazinEurasian4032d ago

I think they meant shave 10 seconds off install times after downloading from the PSN.

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