Any More Aces Up The FPS Sleeve?

The First Person Shooter has, for a good few years now, been my gaming genre of choice. From the moment ‘Doom‘ nestled itself snugly into my Playstation before roaring into life and slapping a big stupid grin on my face I was hooked.

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Focker4204580d ago

3 simple words...

Play. Create. Share

LunaticBrandon4580d ago (Edited 4580d ago )

PC shooters have been doing that forever. Its nice to see console shooters getting user created content though.

earbus4580d ago (Edited 4580d ago )

Farcry 2 and halo reach are very play create share. I would like to see reverse perks everyone has everything unlocked as you progress you get less be more noob friendly and if ur a good player you can scavenge the battlefield mabey max rank a knife and a pistol.No perks im a sucker for cod 3 38,000 kills lol at least its even.An fps based on yards would be intresting like a back and forth gridiron match based in trench warefare i call it trenchfoot.

WhiteNoise4580d ago

Farcry 2 could have been so much more though, imagine bot matches with custom maps..the big waste was because it was online only so you had to find 20 people etc that wanted to play on your maps, which is hard because everyone wanted to play on their own.

32v32 bot maps with a $#!+ tonne of vehicles= heaven.

earbus4580d ago

Very true was hard to get people into ur maps bots would have been masterfull matches with friends vs ai been doing a bit on battlefield 2 mods project reality and forgotten hope nice stuff.

soren4579d ago

i think FPS need to die theres never a breeze of fresh air its like haveing the same thing for dinner every day


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