Burnout Paradise: 8 Incredible New Shots

Criterion and EA released these images of Burnout Paradise, from an unknown version of the game (probably PS3).

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MaximusPrime4087d ago

It is probably from PS3 version.

Great screenshots ;)

MK_Red4087d ago

Hope they release crash / damaged car screens soon. I can't wait for those HD insane crashes. Game On!

felidae4086d ago

can't wait to play this on my PS3

the last Burnout was fvckin' dark on the 360


AngryHippo4086d ago

what is up with your avatar?What is it?

mighty_douche4086d ago (Edited 4086d ago )

bit random, still this obviously shows EA has been spending time on the ps3 as so far their multi-plat have looked better on xbox (or so the fanboys say) and they now release images from the ps3 build first, times a changing?? probably.

edit: oh look the phantom disagreer has returned. if people have a valid reason to disagree why dont they state it? possibly because their just pointless fanboys? your guess is as good as mine...

drewdrakes4086d ago

No where does it say its PS3. Both console system logo's are at the top, and the 360 one is first!!! :O! who cares, the game will be the same on both.

Marty83704086d ago

Yeh, times are changing for the better.

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The story is too old to be commented.