Valve plans to bridge Portal 1 & 2 with a surprise

Portal 2 takes place after Portal, long after enough for Aperture Science to be wrecked and covered with plant-life. What happened? Valve plans to explain some of that gap in the coming weeks, before we can play Portal 2 on April 18.

Convas4582d ago

Day One. Need I say more?

MatthewMk24582d ago

Yes. Please elaborate on what you mean when you say "Day One".

nveenio4582d ago

I'm grabbing this on PS3 so that I get the PC version as well.

t0mmyb0y4582d ago

Im planning on getting PS3 version as well. Now does this mean we could play coop with PS3 and PC versions??

4582d ago
PaPa-Slam4582d ago

This game will b e amazing. loved the first one, will get this day one, much like everyone,.

MatthewMk24582d ago

If it's anything other then an announcement regarding Half-Life 2 Ep 3 I will fucking go insane!!!! Where is it Valve? Where the fuck is it?

Also, can we stop linking to Kotaku? Ever since their re-design links never go to the article in question, no matter what the link says it always goes to the front page and that's annoying.

Lamarthedancer4582d ago

I can never look at the replies to my comments because of that stupid new design

Izanagi-no-Okami4582d ago

You just need to go at uk.kotaku.com because the design of the UK version is the old design.

wallis4582d ago

Watching Valve go on about all these games that aren't ep3 is like watching a prostitute juggle. Yeah it's pretty impressive they're doing it and it's nice to see they're pursuing other interests but you kinda just want them to get back to business ASAP.

Lamarthedancer4582d ago (Edited 4582d ago )

Valve I hope to god you announce the next Half life at this years E3....if it's DOTA2 info I will be pissed

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A Portal 2 Native VR Mod Is Seemingly In Development, Footage Confirms

The modder Gistix is apparently brewing up a VR mod for Portal 2, as confirmed in a new YouTube video posted by the Flat2VR channel.

SullysCigar128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

I mean, fine, but can we not have a VR version built from the ground up by Valve themselves?

Come on guys, it's time for a Portal 1 & 2 VR edition. And then announce Portal 3 release date!

-Foxtrot128d ago

It is weird they've done Alyx but not done VR version of their own games

It's like they dabble in something then just get bored and move onto something else

I'm still annoyed they made Alyx something you NEED to play in order to understand HL3 if it ever comes but isolated it as a VR game not everyone is going to play.

SullysCigar127d ago

I did hear someone made a pancake mod for Alyx, but no idea how it turned out.

The thing is, it wouldn't even take much for Valve to bring these games into VR. Sometimes modders can get VR mods for pancake games available day one. Sure, it's not to the same quality as if it was done by the developers themselves, but still. They could even outsource the VR ports and then scoop a profit from sales.

HyperMoused126d ago

Portal VR, geez if you thought you got sick playing RE7, get them buckets ready for this one


Xbox - September 2022 Games with Gold

"September's 2022 Games with Gold lineup includes the Xbox One titles Gods Will Fall and Double Kick Heroes, and through backwards compatibility, the Xbox 360 titles Thrillville and Portal 2. February's lineup provides over $66.96 dollars in value and up to 3000 in gamerscore."

darthv72392d ago (Edited 392d ago )

Not a bad month. Thrillville and Portal 2 are fun and Double Kick Heroes looks like a blast.

Crows90392d ago

Sure. If you want the oldest games possible.

porkChop392d ago

A good game is a good game regardless of time.

Between GWG and Game Pass, where do you think publishers would rather put their newer games? MS can't force publishers to put their games on GWG.

Asplundh392d ago (Edited 392d ago )

Yeah so they should stop investing money into games that only a very small percentage of their users will play. It's month after month of lackluster titles and they need change it up, I'd rather them just do 1 worthwhile game a month than 4 that most users will never touch, because as of now they're just wasting their money and most users are seeing 0 benefit from it.

porkChop392d ago


I do agree. Hopefully once the OG Xbox and 360 games stop we'll see some bigger games hit the service.

CaptainHenry916391d ago (Edited 391d ago )

Lol I have to agree with you on that. Old games 😂 I also hate when publishers and developers rely on remakes

390d ago
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EmperorDalek392d ago (Edited 392d ago )

Considering how expensive portal 2 still is in the store, and how rare the physical copies are these days, I'd say that's a good addition. It's also upgraded to 4K on the X consoles.

Don't know much about the other ones, but it looks like a better month than usual. Which probably says more about how bad it usually is.

MajorLazer392d ago

Just kill this service.