Samsung delays dual-format Blu-ray, HD DVD player?

Samsung has thrown its weight entirely behind its dual-format Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD player and will de-emphasis its BD-only offerings, online reports suggest. However, the two-format machine, the BD-U5000, may have been delayed. Separate reports point to a December release in the US, with the European debut taking place early in 2008.

But missing the key US Thanksgiving and European Christmas sales periods - again, if that is what's going to happen; Samsung hasn't confirmed the claim - may prove a mistake. Samsung clearly has its reasons - releasing at a better price point, getting better support for BD's interactivity features, sensing insufficiently demand for either HD format right now are all possibles.

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cuco334128d ago

Samsung, a BDA member, making a dual format player delays yet another player (possibly due to BD1.1 and all the issues I've mentioned = BD-Java problems, HDM being too small a market, cost, etc...)

Arutha4128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

I'll be curious how the BDP-U5000 will play with both formats. It is suppose to include HDi on the HD DVD side which is nice. This will be the true universal player in that regard since the LG universal only plays movies and not the interactive features. I was a bit surprised that they canceled the BDP-2400 for the year. Makes me wonder if they will come out with a HD DVD player at some point.

Gina-get-u4128d ago

That there's the ticket baby! Buy a combo player like this one and you won't have to worry about getting stuck with a lemon. MS should focus on a combo player for the 360. It has no real stake in HD DVD and shouldn't care which format wins. I see Bluray vs HD DVD ending up just like SACD vs DVD Audio - a draw where everybody loses.

mikeslemonade4128d ago

I hope the combo player fails. Anyway you can get a HDDVD player and a Blu-ray player for less price than a combo player.

cuco334128d ago

this combo player will be the first true combo player not just playing movies but also having the features both HD DVD and BD utilize.

And with time pricing will drop

Gina-get-u4128d ago

Before I disagree with you, tell me why you find a universal playback solution such an objectionable concept. Is it just this particular player, or all combo players in general? Is there some rational basis for your attitude that I'm missing, or are you just being a [email protected]?

blackmagic4128d ago

Do you own a DVD+R burner and a DVD-R burner or do you own a DVD+/-R burner?