Kotaku: 99.8% Confirmed - 40GB PS3 To Hit Australia On October 11 For AUD$699

Kotaku believes the 40gb Ps3 sku has been 99.8% confirmed:

"I've heard from multiple sources today, both from retailers (EB Games, JB Hi-Fi) and customers (cheers Musky!), that the 40GB PS3 is on its way to Australia on October 11, and will retail for AUD$699. When asked for comment, Sony would only offer:

We don't provide comment in relation to rumours or speculation such as this.

Which would be fine, were it not for the fact retailers across the country are already telling anyone and everyone walking in off the street about the thing. I'd say this puppy's as good as confirmed."

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akaFullMetal4033d ago

99.8 confirmed, i guess that pretty much means it is coming, but i still would like to see an annoucement come out for it, lets hope we see one next week

4033d ago
Armyless4033d ago

I understand why they do it, it's just funny to watch.

jlytle12344033d ago

They need to advertise the living crap out of the 4ogb ps3 all across the world. I bet google would love to help if they knew it would hurt microsoft.

The Dark Knight4033d ago

if thats the case i might get a ps3

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