Gaming in Motion: Taking on the Wii

The Wii may seem like an unstoppable force but In2Games reckons it has the answer – bringing motion-sensitive gaming to PS2 this year and to PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2008. Next-Gen recently had a chance to play some of the games and chat to director Harry Holmwood about the Wii's limitations and his company's ambitious plans.

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crazy250004036d ago

i hope the technology works well....if the wii controller has 2g and this have 5g does that make it more sensitive or more accurate?

feejo4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

FORE Wii! (mean get of the way). I am happy to ear about that, they even started before Wii developpement, did wii steal the idea? That is a AWESOME new.
The article say

“There’s 12 million or so Wii’s on the market... but there’s 120 million PlayStation 2s so that’s… our target audience.”

After that, why buy a Wii

SONY should rush to develop a bundle with PS2 and PS3 that include a sport game and that kinda remote.

wii will wii will ROCK you.

crazy250004036d ago

i was waiting for something like this.....the wii is just not worth buying and it was just a matter of time before they brought motion games to the PS3

these types of games have been around for a while, but Nintendo made it popular....i hope it comes out soon cause i really want to play some of these sports games

the wii is ok, but on the PS3 they can make awesome gameplay since the wii is so limited and with better graphics

ItsDubC4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

I don't doubt the technology one bit, but I still don't see this getting the market penetration In2Games is expecting. The difference between this and the Wii remote is a major one - the fact that this is simply a peripheral whereas the Wii remote is integral to the console.

Aside from GH's guitar, peripherals have historically done poorly saleswise because developers find it risky to develop games whose maximum potential installbase is governed by consumer uptake of a single peripheral. But in the Wii's case, every Wii-owner is guaranteed to have the motion-sensitive controller and therefore Wii developers have no qualms about developing games that take advantage of motion-sensing.

Even though there are 120 million PS2-owners and 12 million Wii-owners, getting 10% of the PS2 market to buy such a peripheral will be extremely daunting. If the combination of the PS2 and this peripheral can be marketed as more hip and cool than the Wii, then it may stand a chance. And when the "newness" and rarity factor for the Wii dies down, who knows. None of that, however, changes the fact that this is still a peripheral.

crazy250004036d ago

that is true....i agree with that and i just hope sony takes advantage of it since they are trying to bring in the family with little planet game thats coming out....they have been making bundles for the PS2 so they can attract more kids, it would be awesome if they do it with this, the PS3 is still new and were just going to have to wait and see

im just hoping they come out with awesome games for the motion sensing, the only games i like on the wii is wii sports and metroids....nothing else

the rest of the old school games i just play as roms

Rooftrellen4036d ago

I don't see this really talking off. Developers almost never make games that require the buyer to get something else, unless its bundled with the game.

360 and PS3 owners would complain if this got too big, as well, unless they just spew the "I hate motion controls" as lies for their anti-Wii propaganda.

So there is no happy medium. Motion controls as a small part of the consoles will get no games, and motion controls as a large part of the consoles will push away the people who scream over and over on the Wii threads that they would never own a console with motion control.

Besides that, though, Sony and MS would still miss the real problem, lack in variety of games, because looking ahead, they still can't match Nintendo in good games that appeal to a variety of people. Motion controls aren't the key to success, using them, or another control scheme, in good games is.

KeiZka4036d ago

Yet I see one little problem with this: those peripherals seem to be a bit too dedicated. Want to play golf? Well, here's your club, but it works only with golf games. Want to drive? Here's the steering wheel, but it'll only work with racing games etc etc.

It is truly wonderful to hear that such peripherals are coming, but diversity in functions is their lacking.

See what I'm aiming at?

feejo4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

There is alot of possibilities of design. A sword, a gun. By the way, there is a Gun with PS2, why not place that gun in every shooter? I would play game with the Sixaxis to move the player around, crawl, with a headset and the gun to shoot, with the DDR dance pad to move side by side, you can come up with something way better than just a Wii-Mole. Just do it,

create or Die

(like halo, they will stop doing Halo, they die)

Here come software for Xmas. You want to see that.

KeiZka4036d ago

Maybe you could, but average joe won't want to buy a crapload of different peripherals in order to immerse himself. And it would get too complicated to change the controller every now and then. Enthusiasts would welcome this, though.

And if every game was to have a peripheral, that'd drive game prices up and, well, there it is. It gets too expensive.

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