N'Gai Croal redesigns the Wiimote for Metroid Prime 3

Of course, you may want to substitute the word "redesigns" for "fixes," depending on how compulsive your scanning was. In his Level Up blog, Newsweek's N'Gai Croal has posted a visual illustration of a special Wii remote he would have liked to find in the Metroid Prime 3 box. Unhappy with the placement of the plus and minus buttons -- both of which are frequently used in the game -- Croal proposes that the new kidney shaped configuration would add up to less limited controls. As he tells MTV's Stephen Totilo following their lengthy dissection of the game, "I know you'll agree with me."

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Ludwig4086d ago

Noo! there is no going back! It's casual all the way or no way XD

Prismo_Fillusion4086d ago

Hey, I've reinvented the PS3 design so that it sells more units!

(jk jk)

mcgrawgamer4086d ago (Edited 4086d ago )

N,Gai has some pretty good ideas, but this guy looks to find the negative in everything that is not the playstation brand. From G4 to Gametrailers, I've never seen this guy compliment Microsoft at all, and every compliment he gives Nintendo is backed by a criticism. I like Playstation as much as the next guy, but I see good and bad in all 3, not just 1 or 2....

zerolinkgannon4086d ago

Too funny! Damn, bubbles up man. -lol-

ItsDubC4086d ago

For me personally, the placement of the "+" and "-" buttons has never been an issue. I never even gave it a second thought. The only button I thought might benefit from different placement is the missile button but even then, no big deal at all.

That Wii remote looks kinda cool tho.

elenamylove4086d ago

the + and - buttons are not in the best place for fast fps type gaming, I'd prefer the option to have buttons closer (around) the A button.