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In this Gamesindustry interview, Peter Molyneux, Lionhead founder and one of the best known figures in the development industry, perhaps for his outspoken views on his vision for gaming as much as the titles he has produced, speaks on revolutionizing combat in games and what he thinks of Little Big Planet: "How would you describe your approach to Fable 2?"

Peter Molyneux: "I've always said there will be three really big surprises in Fable 2, one of which I spoke about at GDC this year - the story and how we're going to tell it. The second one is about combat - what it is, how it's exciting and why it's a different combat system from what's been done before."

Speaking on LittleBigPlanet, Peter had this to say:

"When I saw it, I went - excuse my language - 'F*** me, that's brilliant.' I think they've gone out and done exactly the right thing. They haven't tried to build the most gruesome effects that ever existed, they've produced a game which makes people smile, and put a huge amount of love and passion into it.

I think they're fantastic people, they're incredibly talented, and I love everything they're doing."

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Maldread4130d ago (Edited 4130d ago )

Even though you are using the same headline as the article, i think you could`ve changed it, so it would relate better to what the story is about, i you get my drift ;)

I`m going to report it or anything, it`s just that the original headline was a bit off i think, but that`s not your fault ;)

ps3gogetitt4130d ago

For little big planet, this is the game I want more than KZ2,MGS4,FFxxxxx and any other, this will be the biggest game next year....

PimpHandHappy4130d ago

looks very cool

Just that fact that i have never played a game like it makes me want to play it even more. I wish it was out this year but such is life