Kotaku: Euro Retailers List PS3 40GB At €449, Promote FIFA Bundle

The cheapest PLAYSTATION 3 yet may be released at a reduced price of €449, according to a promotional flyer from European retailer Carrefour. The shots, seemingly taken at the bottom of a pool or possibly through a jar a Vaseline, show the new 40GB model promoted at a price €150 less than the current 60GB configuration and seem to originate from the Tekno Consolas forums.

In addition to the €449 model, a bundle featuring FIFA 08 and the PS3 is advertised for a price of €489, compounding the value to nearly incomprehensible levels.

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gunnerforlife4085d ago

wow when this bundle gets released its going to sell a lot:D

notpill4085d ago

the flayer show €489 (and not 439) and it's just like the 60gb official price.
Actually u can see a lot of €499 ps3 without bundles (controller and games) around here in italy.
The european 40gb will be on the shelves at €399 w/out bundled products
according with a lot of recent solid rumors (look at