Unreal Tournament III: Gaming Evolution Preview

As it stands, the only real difference between the PC and PS3 builds is the speed of movement, of which the PC is the winner. But with the recent changes to the PS3 build, gamers have a choice of using the SIXAXIS controller or a keyboard and mouse setup, which would even the playing field and ensure players are comfortable with the controller setups.

Epic Games and the Unreal 3 Engine has ensured gamers that no matter if they are playing the PC build or the PS3 build, they can expect the same awesome visuals and audio clarity.

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mighty_douche4130d ago

im still gonna be picking up one of each copy as i want the pc to produce MODS on and the ps3 to test them out on.

poor xbox owners, the KEY to UT success is its complete MOD support, without it im not sure id even buy it! who am i kidding i want my flack cannon back asap!