The Rebirth of EA / A Lesson for Activision?

With Activision primed to be named the year's top third-party publisher, Gameplayer examines the current position of ex-champ EA, and how their mentality has changed in a bid to regain the crown in 2008.

"EA, it appears, went back to the drawing board and made a concerted effort to refocus on the gamer by introducing new IP to their stable of brands while bringing innovative gameplay to their established winners."

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nix4032d ago

this is what happens when you get lazy and take everything for granted! i'm worried about every EA games they are developing right now.

one can keep producing crappy games but it doesn't pay in a long run. just look at the games that has come out in PS3 in the recent months and the ones that are going to come. EA is nowhere close to any of them.

yeah, the new logo suits them. "EA PORTS. It's in the game! (you already bought last year!)" q:

keep porting!

MK_Red4032d ago

In the WW2 battlefield, E3 lost again (EA's MOH:Airbourne didn't sell good enough and certainly won't match Activision's Call Of Duty 4).
However, they still have Rock Band.
Rock Band Vs Guitar Hero 3 would be fun to watch.

Bathyj4032d ago

We all tried to warn you EA. You didn't listen.

I think they lost the plot when they deliberately left finished content out of a NFS game just so they could sell it on XBL as so called "extra content."

I hope Peter Moore gets his Hat Trick.

Laxe4032d ago

Ahahahaha! Love that pic! Sorry, that's all I have to add. Nothing to say about EA themselves.

crck4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

I hope they go down hard. I loved it when they tried to do a $20 pay-per-view infomercial for Madden 2k7. Go Activision! Glad I bought some of their stock. hehe

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