V8 Supercar Racers to Wear Master Chief Helmets

At this weekend's Bathurst 1000, the Xbox 360TM Red Vs Blue charity campaign will be changing the face of the iconic Mt Panorama sign and supplying some new headgear to Holden's Rick Kelly.

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mighty_douche4130d ago (Edited 4130d ago )

more just a normal helmet with a bit of fancy airbrushing. still i guess its pretty cool, not much point when you cant see it.

whats next...??! cortana sat-nav???

socomnick4130d ago

lol.... But its all for charity so good luck to them.

Ignorant Fanboy4130d ago (Edited 4130d ago )

The ones you buy at Wal-mart??

Yeah right, you gonna drive 200mph with a $20 plastic helmet on?

Drivers have to wear certified protection helmets, that are real expensive, to paint one shows alot.

Not much point when you cant see it? I can see it right there in the picture, the people watching the race can see it from the interior cameras, everybody can see it when the winner gets out of his car wearing it, and on the winners podium everybody will see it.