Brink: The Only Online FPS We Care About In 2011

NowGamer: "Call Of Duty. Killzone. Bulletstorm. I really couldn’t care less. The only online shooter that I have any interest in playing this year is Splash Damage’s Brink. Right now it seems like the only title really trying to deal with the issues that dog online gaming in any genre..."

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trounbyfire4227d ago

how sad then because they are missing out.

BTW brink was suppose to be a graphic power house and its not funny how that happened. it has slipped back in to the underground like rage

RatherHavaBigGirl4227d ago (Edited 4227d ago )

the way kz3 stands at the moment even after the patch he isnt missing much. i actually regret my day 1 purchase and not pre-ordering for crysis instead. huge dissapointment. moving on, brink looks like itll be my favorite online shooter to date. theyve put alot of work into this game and its showing so far. ill save my final verdict till release

prettyboy14227d ago

ok...first off your comment means squat because your how can i say this?... oh yeah,A FANBOY! AND OTHER WARDS,YOU ACTUALLY HAVE TO HAVE A PS3 TO GET KZ3

RatherHavaBigGirl4227d ago (Edited 4227d ago )



Dead_Cell4227d ago

If Fanboyism was more culturally visible outside of the Internet I would be truly fucking embarassed to tell people I own a Playstation 3 because of people like Prettyboy.

I would also be ashamed to be called Prettyboy.

buckley4227d ago

I can't get behind that article title in the same year that Battlefield 3 is being released.

Brink sounds interesting and worth looking into, but to make it out to be the only FPS coming out this year worth caring about is a gross exaggeration.

Dead_Cell4227d ago

I agree, I need a game outside of the generic bullshit that is being released non-stop.

Screw CoD.
Screw Killzone.
Screw BattleField
Screw Homefront.

Give me something unrestricting for once.

9thWonder4227d ago

so in total we all here that are behind the game just want something new to experience instead of the usual hunt to kill aspect of the other FPS