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From the review "Several hours into the career mode, PGR4 proved itself a game of thoroughly enjoyable "moments" that were either exciting, like trying to hang onto the lead during a race at the Nürburgring, or -- and this, sadly, is something we so rarely get to say about a racing game these days -- just plain interesting."

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Azures4128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

"To be completely honest, the first hour or so of Project Gotham Racing 4 bored me senseless. It seemed like little more than a tedious and unnecessary makeover of PGR3 with gratuitous rain and snow effects used to show off the admittedly very sexy new graphics engine. The tracks felt too tight and narrow, the kudos system, which rewards dangerous and stylish driving, and which has always been a polarizing element since the series started, was far too unforgiving, and the inclusion of motorcycles seemed little more than a nausea-inducing gimmick. This last point may be of particular concern to those of you who like to view your racing action in first-person, as the camera tips and sways with such severity that motion sickness is a genuine worry. Don't even think about trying the bike-equivalent of the pit cam, unless you have the stomach of a far stronger person than I. The tension caused by the movement of both the horizon line and your virtual head bobbing around provided one of the most physically uncomfortable gaming experiences I can recall ever having."

I knew I was right about this game, just a bit better than the others but nowhere near the 10 that OXM gave it. Not even close.

JasonXE4128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

The parts Shiro cuts out below...

******With time though, it won me over********. The selection of 120 vehicles proved both broad and imaginative (everything from the insane but comparatively conventional BMW M5, to the completely crazy Caparo T1 are represented), and the bikes, once mastered, provided some genuinely exciting moments at the upper reaches of their performance. That said, the single-player game perhaps doesn't deliver on the much-touted tension between two- and four-wheeled whips, but the bikes a) work particularly well in some of the online modes like "cat and mouse," and b) bring a much-needed new feel to the well-established PGR formula. In fact, it was probably the bikes that helped me learn to love the kudos system. By supplementing the usual fare of handbrake turns, burnouts, and powerslides with some honest-to-goodness stunts (just wheelies and endos, but let's not be too picky here) they allow less stylish drivers to start racking up some serious points with relative ease. This in turn drives your motivation further, as the kudos points are also the core of the in-game economy, allowing you to purchase car packs, tracks, and features.

*****Several hours into the career mode, PGR4 proved itself a game of thoroughly enjoyable "moments" that were either exciting******, like trying to hang onto the lead during a race at the Nü ;rburgring, or -- and this, sadly, is *****something we so rarely get to say about a racing game these days -- just plain interesting******.


"something we so rarely get to say about a racing game these days -- just plain interesting"

I have to agree with him on this part. Playing Forza 2 was a great experience but overall boring. The whole premise about games "to me" is about having fun. A racing sim is what it describes, a sim, but it offers what we can't do in real life. But after awhile you notice that your just driving a car around a track. After playing pgr 3 where I was going 200 mph slamming into walls with other cars, and different gameplay modes. In Forza, that part was taken away and incorporated non interactivity with other racers unless you purposely do so. It just felt driving on a track for 8 straight laps, nothing else, interesting?...

I'm surprise how short this review is, to be honest. I usually write around 9-15 paragrapghs when doing a review for a major title. Interesting he only wrote 5 but I always assumed people never liked reading reviews but just looking at the scores themselves.

TheMART4128d ago

You Sony droids are funny

IGN giving it an solid 8.5, most PS3 games don't even reach the 8.0 flat. Those hyped so called AAA games like Lair and Heavenly Sword.

Gamerakings got it on an 8.8

Some reviews are above it, some right at that mark, some lower. Seems like the 8.5 is the lowest it got yet. A possibility it'll even get up to 90% or over and will be real AAA. Something the PS3 lacks besides Oblivion multiplatform game.

PGR4 seems a truly great racing experience. Not a GT4 HD demo update

felidae4128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

looks good - but nothing special.

Snow in Sega Rally looks a little better but the rain is nice.

from what i saw ... 7.5/10

TheMART4128d ago



That's what you say with every great game on the 360. Bioshock, Halo 3, Gears of War, PGR4 it doesn't matter.

You know why? Because you're a PS3 fangirl, working in a gameshop selling games as a nerd, and you try to downplay every game on the 360 and hype any game (although getting bad reviews) on the PS3.

Beat it. Sega Rally has funny mud effects, but overal graphics aren't anywhere near of PGR4.

Now go play the only funny game on the PS3 again: Warhawk.

DeZimatoR4128d ago failed miserably :p

Sorry, gotta try ahrder next time!

Azures4128d ago

its an arcade racer, and its a decent game. its like splinter cell trying to be MGS.

kn4128d ago

From reading it, he sure felt forced to play it and hammered it pretty hard but then discovered he liked it. I'd say that's actually pretty good... He clearly starts off with a tone of "I hate PGR3 and games like it" so this is obviously $hit. Then, as he plays it, he discovers it's pretty good...

Racing games are tough... They never seem to please a large segment. There are always little nuances to each game that people really like. Given this fact, I'd stick with metacritics or gamerankings "composite" scores on any racing (or sports for that matter) title since it will capture the "essence" of the game.

If I could get exactly what I wanted out of a racing game, I'd take Forza 2's physics and handling engine, GT5's car models and 1080P 60FPS resolution/framerate, and PGR4s environments. That would be insanely fun (for me)...

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