Blogger & Former Nintendo Employee "Jessica Carr" Joins

The now infamous blogger and former Nintendo employee Jessica Zenner (alias Jessica Carr) will be joining the staff at

"Jessica, who was terminated by Nintendo of America due to her personal blog,, will be writing about whatever the heck she wants here at Ripten, and while we understand that some of you may not like what she has to say, we have a hunch you will read it anyway."

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ShiftyLookingCow4086d ago

that photo is freaking scary

mighty_douche4086d ago

agreed mate, brings a whole new meaning to ninten-DOGS huh.

dantesparda4085d ago

Mmm, i'd hit it, and like it ;-)

Tsalagi4086d ago

I still say she looks better as a brunette.

Layla980214086d ago

It's about time something good happened to this poor girl. I think that there is a lot of raw talent and potential there.

ItsDubC4086d ago (Edited 4086d ago )

Ya those are DSLs for sure. Probably magnified by the sheer amount of lipstick and makeup tho.

On another note, it seems the story link is now experiencing database connection errors.


Looks like ripten cleared up those issues.

Johnspoonednube4086d ago

I read about this a couple days ago...all I have to say is this girl is hot as hell and smart. It's about time we have a REAL princess in gaming!

Layla980214086d ago

I like the way you put that, "Princess" of gaming. It cracks me up how all the gamers hate on her looks, yet there is such a resemblance to Princess Peach. lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.