IGN Reviews Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow - 9.5

After a long lull, the PSP has recently experienced an influx of AAA quality titles. When Dark Mirror was released last March, we were surprised at how impressive the title was. By taking Gabe Logan away from the consoles and putting him on the PSP, Sony Bend not only created an incredible adventure, they showed off exactly what the handheld could do, particularly in the hands of a skilled team. Excellent controls, deep multiplayer with voice chat and a complex cinematic storyline made what easily was one of the best titles of all of last year. In fact, when we bestowed the Game of the Year award upon the title, we weren't sure if a follow up to Dark Mirror would be nearly as good.

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Bigmac5734131d ago

Im getting this and FF: tactics tomorrow. Hell of a month for the little black wonder!

nasim4130d ago

This is why PSP is now the top selling gaming product in the world

DrPirate4130d ago (Edited 4130d ago )

Between this, Castlevania X Chronicles, Silent Hill: Origins, God of War, Tactics, Disgaea, Gran Turismo and Crisis Core.

The Price Drop, and all the functionality the PSP can already do.PS1 emulator and impending release of PS1 games on the PSStore. RSS Feed aggregator, MP3 and Movie Player, Photo viewer and internet browser, and a whole host of custimization options and the increible remote play with the PS3.

As well as a back catalog of some really great games
Ratchet, Daxter, Pursuit Force, Killzone Liberation, Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Acid, ,Monster Hunter Freedom 2, Lumines, Maverick Hunter X, Ghosts N' Goblins, Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror.

There's no reason why someone wouldn't want a PSP if they're big on handheld gaming. (I take a 1 hour and a half trip to and from school, so yeah, I'm a big advocator of the PSP since it gets about 2-3 hours of usage a day.)

Edit: Haha, it doesn't get enough credit, but now I'm just sounding like a salesman. I don't mean to impose, but the PSP is the greatest handheld I've ever owned since the joy I felt since I got Pokemon on a gameboy color in the sixth grade.

Bigmac5734130d ago

The PSP needs more credit. I totally forgot about Disgaea...I've been playing this more than my PS3 and about as much as my 360.

LeonSKennedy4Life4130d ago

The PSP's making a HUGE comeback!

Charlie26884130d ago

dude but..but..but that certain user I had a huge debate said the PSP was dead...I wonder were is he know?

here have a +bubble for the old times :D

DJ4130d ago

with UMD movies priced at $9.99? I saw one at my circuit city, and ended up getting Hitch on the spot. $18~25 always seemed like way too much, but $9.99 is perfect. Hopefully if their experiment goes well, other movie studios will follow suit with their price points.

Douchebaggery4130d ago

i thought UMD was dead as a movie format

InMyOpinion4130d ago

UMD is never dead if you're as much fanboy as DJ is. He probably has a Betamax player at home and firmly believes it's better than dvd. Actually, he's always on the move trying to sell Sony's gadgets, promoting the PS3 like a car salesman. It almost seems as pathetic as if he thinks that Sony will notice his brand loyalty and hire him to work for them lol! Go DJ! Lol!

It's nice to see that at least one of their systems are getting some quality games. It looks cool, I've always enjoyed Syphon Filter, since back on the PS1.

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The story is too old to be commented.