Microsoft Japan: We can learn from Wii

CNET News reports:

Yasutoshi Magara, managing director of Microsoft Japan, said in a briefing at Ceatec 2007 in Chiba, Japan, that Microsoft for years has been trying to bring more consumers into computer gaming, but Nintendo was the company that figured out how to do it.

Magara said the Xbox 360 was designed for a relatively well-defined demographic: 18- to 30-year-old males into networking games. By contrast, Nintendo Wii aimed for the family and games that kids and parents might play together.

Magara admitted to owning a Wii himself.

On other notes, Microsoft is entering the music market in Japan with a new PC application in partnership with LabelGate, a Japanese online music store that owns about 500,000 songs. The application lets users download and manage music on a Windows Media Center PC. Microsoft has not released Zune in Japan.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii4085d ago

Microsoft may have the hardcore HD but Nintendo has the casual.

BloodySinner4085d ago (Edited 4085d ago )

They're probably going to use the idea for their next console.

The REAL problem with Microsoft is that they're too afraid to take risks. Notice how nothing new changed with the Xbox to Xbox 360. Yes, the Xbox Live experience has greatly improved, and that's not a bad thing, of course but there's really nothing new in my eyes.

Now look at the Microsoft Zune. They ONLY reacted to the MP3 craze because of Apple's success with the iPod. And how long has it been since the iPod was released? 2001 (I can't really rememeber)? And the Zune came in when? 2006? Jesus Christ.

Microsoft's engineers probably have brilliant ideas, but cannot execute them because of this. Microsoft only reacts to competitors. They rarely make the first move when it comes to innovation.

Rooftrellen4085d ago

"Magara admitted to owning a Wii himself."

It's good to see honest answers to questions.

MS fanboys asked what the guy in the UK was supposed to say when it was reported what he said about the Wii. How about something like that? No need to look like a child.

They can learn from the Wii, but I don't know how much good that will do. MS already has the reputation of catering to the hardcore FPS fan to most people, and that reputation will not easily go away.

They want, and need, to expand their target demographic, but I'm not sure a new target will be overly receptive to a console with the reputation Xbox and the 360 built.

Some lessons are learned too late. I wonder if the lessons MS is learning now is in time, or if it will take too long to change the image they have set for themselves.

Shaka2K64085d ago

But the x360 has better games then the wii.

ActionBastard4085d ago

I thought they would've learned from Xbox 1...

mikeslemonade4085d ago

It's not about what MS does. The Japanese will not accept the Xbox brand.

Rooftrellen4085d ago

It will be hard to get Japan to accept Xbox, but hardly impossible.

If the PS3 had very little to nothing but games Japanese players would like, it would sell poorly in America. The 360 has very little to nothing but games American players would like, and it seels poorly in Japan.

It would take more interest in the Japanese market to get the Xbox to succeed, though, due to the culture, but its hardly impossible.

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