New BMW3 Commercial feat. GT4

The new North American BMW 3 Commercial featuring GT4.

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risk4035d ago

good commercial, even without GT4

Maddens Raiders4035d ago

Kazunori's done quite well for himself being a college dropout and all. GT is a true phenomenon.

pwnsause4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

just goes to show you how much influence the GT series has on car companies. Theres People who played gran turismo without knowing that some of the cars featured in the game actually existed in real life. I mean, everyone knows what BMW is but no one that I knew here living in the states knew what a Fiat is.

Bathyj4035d ago

I remember, back in Part 3 I think, The Nissan concept car. It looked so cool. It went on and became the Nissan Z a real car that you can buy today. Thats pretty cool.

Shaka2K64035d ago

Oh man but this car is a beast.

GT games are the bibbles for Automoviles really when you dig in the game you can find alot of info the cars.

Bimmer34035d ago

I just saw this commercial on TV this evening. I was already excited by the time I saw the GT4 part! I'm obviously a big fan of the company.

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