Epic Games: Gears of War 2 and Wii Interview

GameTrailers talks with Mark Rein about the sequel to Gears of War, the new content for the PC original, and if Epic has any plans for the Wii.

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razer4131d ago

It's great how he downplayed the PC over 360 version because fans were angry and the compaign was short when it was first announced.. But he's not holding back now some time has been put inbetween that initial announcement. %20 more SP on the PC, that is a lot more. I can honestly say I will not be buying any further Epic titles on the 360 because the better versions come out less than a year later on other platforms.

ISay4130d ago

wow, i dont like buying games at 60 bucks but to say you didnt get value out of gears is insane i havent played halo 3 yet but with that exception gears is and was hands down the best game on 360, i promised my self i would limit my attacks on people 1 or 2 a month, but i call BS on you Sir!

codeazrael4130d ago

and........oh yeah, I disagree with you on epic games. What games that epic made are released on other platforms? And if you're talking about PC, you shouldve known better. With Gears being a beast of a seller, and the publisher being Microsoft, bringing Gears to the PC is a win-win solution for Microsoft and Epic, but mainly Microsoft. Now it will be interesting to see what console UT will sell better on.

Kokoro4131d ago

the fact that they are focusing on one game and not overshadowing their project. That way, you keep the hype going. Gears of Wars running at almost 60 frames is nice to hear. It helped with motion blur on the 360, but here, it's double

socomnick4131d ago

They need to hurry and make gears of war 2 maybe 2008 release or 2009.
Then Release gears of war 3 on next xbox.

ISay4130d ago

their is a sad truth in this comment.

"They need to hurry and make gears of war 2 maybe 2008 release or 2009. Then Release gears of war 3 on next xbox."

thats how short the 360 life cycle is cant even fill a trillogy on one system. i guess ill start saving now to get a 720

JasonPC360PS3Wii4131d ago ShowReplies(3)
Kulupoo4131d ago

So I guess no Gears of War 2 anytime soon :(
BUT WE STILL GOT Unreal Tournament 3 COMING UP ! :D

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The story is too old to be commented.