7200 rpm HDD may increase your PS3's performance

The standard HDD that comes with your PS3 is 5400 rpm -- not bad, but not the best on the market. Ps3Fanboy has stumbled across a write-up detailing the addition of a different hard drive, running at 7200 rpm, and its effect on a various array of games and other such things. While they wouldn't recommend you all rush out and do this, as long-term effects can't possibly be gauged just yet, it's still interesting to consider the ways Sony fans can customize their console to be unique. Here is an outline of the results:

* Temperature testing against the two hard drives yielded a minimal difference; no overheating will occur with a 7200 rpm drive, ostensibly.
* Installing demos after downloading off the PSN had an average of ten seconds shaved off due to the higher rpm drive, except that Tony Hawk demo, with destroyed over forty seconds of install time. Impressive.
* Loading games generally yielded minimal results, unless you consider 2 seconds of load time a big deal.

In conclusion, yes, a 7200 rpm drive does increase your PS3's performance.

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mikeslemonade4036d ago

I have a 120GB HDD with 5400 rpm and when I play Warhawk I always spawn the slowest no matter how fast I press the x button, so I guess this is true. God dammit, when I bought my HDD I read everywhere that the 7200 rpm doesn't matter and only the cacheing matters.

drtysouf214036d ago

i'm going to go for the 7200 rpm if this is true and their are no negative effects.

Ri0tSquad4036d ago

awesome im definitely doing this since my HDD is just about full from vids and demos.

bym051d4036d ago

I just can't imagine the speed increase is worth it. If you're planning to buy a new HD anyway, go for it, I guess.

I don't see replacing for the sole purpose of getting a little faster load times.

ATLRoAcH4036d ago

I'm planning on eventually upgrading my hard drive for more space and I just may as well go for 7200rpm if I'm upgrading anyway.

Adamalicious4036d ago

I guess if you really feel your need to trick your PS3 out to the max it's cool that you can do this. But the returns seem kinda small to me.

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The story is too old to be commented.