Killin' Aliens in Trash Cans...with bazookas - Alien Storm - Let's Play Again

Let's play again is back again this week from Gaming Union. This time, they spend some time blast away extra terrestrials in Alien Storm, the classic mega drive game:

"Alien Storm is one of those games that I'll always considered to be a classic on the Sega Mega Drive. It had a gameplay premise that was fairly similar to Golden Axe, but it still managed to stand out on its own.

There were the classic three protagonists. A man, a woman, and a "something else", which in this case was a robot. And they have to tackle an alien invasion.

It's not the longest of games, and it's not all that challenging if you're careful, but it's still a whole lot of fun - especially when playing with someone else."

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Hardedge4399d ago

That title alone makes me want to play this game xD

tweex4399d ago

There's nothing like blowing the crap out of everything in an Electronics Store. Maybe one day when aliens take over, we can all go postal in our local Best Buys to exterminate the threat :).


fozzness4399d ago

Awesome game! Reminds me so much of Golden Axe! :D

tweex4399d ago

I know, right? To quote the end of the show, if you don't what Golden Axe is, shame on you :).

mephman4399d ago

Everyone knows what Golden Axe is. :p

tweex4399d ago

Hehe. I certainly hope so :).