Killin' Aliens in Trash Cans...with bazookas - Alien Storm - Let's Play Again

Let's play again is back again this week from Gaming Union. This time, they spend some time blast away extra terrestrials in Alien Storm, the classic mega drive game:

"Alien Storm is one of those games that I'll always considered to be a classic on the Sega Mega Drive. It had a gameplay premise that was fairly similar to Golden Axe, but it still managed to stand out on its own.

There were the classic three protagonists. A man, a woman, and a "something else", which in this case was a robot. And they have to tackle an alien invasion.

It's not the longest of games, and it's not all that challenging if you're careful, but it's still a whole lot of fun - especially when playing with someone else."

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Hardedge4784d ago

That title alone makes me want to play this game xD

tweex4784d ago

There's nothing like blowing the crap out of everything in an Electronics Store. Maybe one day when aliens take over, we can all go postal in our local Best Buys to exterminate the threat :).


fozzness4784d ago

Awesome game! Reminds me so much of Golden Axe! :D

tweex4784d ago

I know, right? To quote the end of the show, if you don't what Golden Axe is, shame on you :).

mephman4784d ago

Everyone knows what Golden Axe is. :p

tweex4784d ago

Hehe. I certainly hope so :).


Brawlers: Retrospective and Rebirth: Part Two – The Peak and the Fall

Brawlers reached their zenith in the early 1990s, but declined in popularity soon after. Put in your gumshield and prepare for fisticuffs as we find out why.

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Alien Storm Retrospective Review

Looking back on it, it’s hard to believe just how many side-scrolling brawlers the Mega Drive had on offer back in the 90’s. The Mega Drive was the first system I ever played (at least the first console I remember playing) and there was one game which, when I talk to people about now, always presents me with the same looks of confusion. That game was Alien Storm which has become a sort of forgotten gem. To many it might look like a re-skin of Golden Axe with aliens and robots but you’ll soon find it’s a little deeper than that. In fact this title went further introducing a couple of neat features to switch up the gameplay.

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MrsNesbitt3171d ago

I do miss side-scrolling brawlers.

Fridgecake3171d ago

I totally forgot about this game. Was so good back in the day, though I sucked at it

GamerGabs3171d ago

Always great to read a review of an older game.

Deathdeliverer3170d ago

This game got hard as hell in the later levels. Beating this back in the day was a feat.

RosweeSon3170d ago

This is a classic used to play this with my next door neighbour, brilliant game.

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Alien Storm’s monsters will eat you alive, then fart

Sega's arcade hit teaches us to be careful when you water your plants or use a phone booth -- there could be a grotesque alien in disguise waiting to ambush you.

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Lifeequals424192d ago

Dreidels, farts, and a parade. I'm in!