* UPDATED *: Amazon and Toys "R" Us Leak Xbox 360 Core Replacement has updated its listings unveiling a new Xbox 360 edition. Scheduled for release on October 23, 2007, the Xbox 360 Arcade Console has a price of $279.99.

The Core Edition of the Xbox 360 has been a victim of many rumors since Microsoft announced it will release different editions of its next-generation system. So far, the cheapest Xbox 360 has survived all the rumors that claimed it will be discontinued and it seems it will only be replaced by an updated model that will come with some Xbox Live Arcade games and possibly HDMI (since the next-generation A/V port has been incorporated in all other editions except the Core)


Toys "R" Us has also revealed an "Xbox 360: Arcade System" that will be released on October 25, 2007.

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djt234087d ago

at least you get Xbox Live Arcade games

etownone4087d ago

could be viewed as a smart move...wireless controller, HDMI, 5 or 6 arcare games, and a mempry stick...

BUT with the juggernaut that is the $399 40gig ps3 coming, bring the price down to $249 at least to compete with the Wii....or even take a hit like PS3 is doing and bring the price down to the "sweet spot" of $199 for the MASS MARKET and hands down you got the winner of this console war..I beleive.

ReBurn4087d ago

If that PS3 actually exists. But still, that's $120 difference between the two if a $399 PS3 does see the light of day. Parents on a budget are likely to take the lower price because they won't be informed of the "value" of a $399 PS3.

BLACKJACK VII4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

What, $399 for a 1st gen 4X BluRay Movie Player ??? NO THANKS !!!

First pS3 delayed GTA IV.... now UT3...

FONY has some SERIOUS issues with their 'gaming console'....

If EPIC cant get the damn UE3 engine that's in HALF of the Next Gen games to run on GayRay then there is even more delays down the road for multiplats & more of the same from the DELAYSTATION...

All multiplats are going to suffer... thanks SOny !!!

Good time to eBay your pS3 & buy yourself a GAMING CONSOLE !!!

SmokeyMcBear4087d ago

wait so im confused, are the arcade games stored online, like on live, so when you log into your live account you can access the games from there, or are they stored locally on the memory stick/hard drive?

crck4087d ago

on a memory card or harddrive. The arcade games will probably come on cards in the form of codes you input to dl them.

ShiftyLookingCow4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

more than likely stored in the memory card as games are never stored online, which indicates 256/512MB card is included

SmokeyMcBear4087d ago

oh ok, so i take it xbla games don't take up too much memory

razer4087d ago

The Core is gone and is being replaced by the Arcade Edition.

Wireless, 256 Memcard and some Arcade games.

Still I won't forgive MS for not putting a hard drive in the Core SKU.

mighty_douche4087d ago

so whats what? a quater of the average demo?

masterg4087d ago

The Arcade Edition sounds like the core with and added memory stick and a wireless controller.
Am I mistaken?

razer4087d ago

@4.1 - You're right.. like 1/2 a demo. It's gimped if you want to take advantage of any of the Marketplace stuff.

@4.2 - Yup, its going to have HDMI+Wireless+Memcard+Arcade Games

etownone4087d ago (Edited 4087d ago )

its obviously being aimed at people that dont plan to go online, or just want to get started, because the the hard drive can always be added in later.

there are alot of po folks out there that dont have broadband but still play video games. and there are alot of parents that dont want there kids playing online

DG4086d ago

I still dont understand why MS wont just put a 1GB in the Core/Arcade and call it a day.

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aaquib54087d ago

The core used to make no sense to me, so it's nice that they address it. $280 is a pretty good price for the 360, memory unit and arcade games. It's definitely a smart strategy for Microsoft. They are able to offer a more compelling package for the same price, as well as educate the mass consumer that arcade games exist and are available on the 360.

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