Finding Xbox 360s with Falcon Hardware

Though the community has long been aware of its existence, it has remained a mystery for months as to exactly when Xbox 360s built upon the new Falcon motherboard and driven by the smaller 65-nm CPU would hit the street. It has been Microsoft's strategy to soft launch hardware revisions to the Xbox 360, so as with the addition of HDMI to Premium consoles, it has been up to fans to carefully inspect their new console hardware in hopes of discovering a change. Today, thanks to Forums member JWSpeed, it has been confirmed that consoles with the new mobo and CPU are in circulation.

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Young Capwn4131d ago

Now there will only be a 25% failure rate!

BloodySinner4131d ago

Now Young Capwn will lose a bubble!

Xi4131d ago

that's still more then the ps3 can manage to sell. Hurts don't it?

xplosneer4130d ago

While I know that was a stupid comment to the first guy, Xbox 11 million / four is around 2.75 PS3= 4.25 million.
Hurts don't it?

Covenant4131d ago

As someone who is now on his 5th unit since Oct. 2006, I hope and pray that this FINALLY fixes the RRoD issue and makes the console more reliable.

MS has the software, the great Live service, and some killer they need reliable hardware to go with it. Hope this does it.

SubZero4131d ago

I am with you I just received my 5th console back from repair yesterday and did indeed receive a unit manufactured on 9/12/2007 with the Falcon chip set. It runs very quite... not as quite as my PS3 but very close. I have not had a chance to run it threw its paces to see how hot it runs etc.

SnakeCL4131d ago

It looks closer to 80nm, or a chip revision. The chips are definitely still too big.

kn4131d ago

There is no such thing, goofball. There is a 90nm feature size, 65nm, and 45nm.... The equipment isn't designed in such a manner as to make custom sizes... Maybe you should do a little research before posting something so dumb.

SnakeCL4131d ago

The internet disagrees with you. Its called "80nm optical".

Apology accepted.

367 To Your Ass4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

In my opinion if anyone wants to get a 360 with a 65nm chip there going to have to wait. because the 360's out there could be the bad ones that can cause you trouble,needless to say i got a 360 a year and a half and it's still doing well.

razer4131d ago

While PS3 folks are talking about new games and new exclusives.. 360 folks are talking about finding a system that works, pink controllers and dev studios going out of business or being sold off, trying to find excuses for next-gen games that should be next-gen and not 640p. Freakin kinda sad for the Xbox platform and I love the 360.

Mass Effect needs to hurry up and get here so I can get excited again. The Halo buzz has already worn off.. =)

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