Halo 3 sells 2.63 million copies in 4 days in the US; hardware sales jump 20%

VGChartz has just uploaded the sales numbers for the Halo 3 week, which runs from September 23 - September 29. Halo 3 was easily the best selling game this week with over 2.63 million copies in just 4 days. Xbox 360 hardware numbers also jumped, though not as much as expected, by 20% to well over 122.000. Xbox 360 outsold the Nintendo Wii for the second week in a row, although Wii sales jumped a mere 6% to 98.000. Playstation 3 numbers also jumped slightly with a 9% increase to 29.000 units. Though the Xbox 360 outsold the Playstation 3 this week by way more then 4-to-1.

Check out all this weeks numbers after the jump.

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nasim4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

the hardware sales jumped by ONLY 20% so it is quite confirmed that people who had x360 basically purchased Halo 3.

HALO 2 sold 2.38 million copies on day 1 in US and CANADA compared to HAlo 3 which has sold 2.63 m in 4 days.

However these are VGCHARTS numbers . We wait for NPD's official figures

NOTE:- these are sales data for NA (counting both US and CANADA).
thts right . VGCHARTS count both US and CANADA as NA sales

@person below

i agree 2.63 million seems very overrated( 1.8 m according to me) and so are the hardware sales. I expect around 100 000 units MAX for x360 during the halo week. 122k seems a little overrated to me

we will wait for NPD figures.


dont invent things by ur own. ps3 beats x360 3:1 in EU and the PAL region. The only market where it gets slight trounced by x360 is UK . However even in UK sales are neck and neck.

so in terms of worldwide sales ps3==x360 (considering massive advantages ps3 have in EU and JAPAN)

stunt2134131d ago

you cant trust VG Charts i doubt that halo 3 took 4 days to sell 2.63 million copies

Chris_GTR14131d ago

dude what happend? all of a sudden you transformed from the most ignorant retarded ps3 fanboy everyone hated to a actually resonable person with comments worth reading. keep up the good work :)

CodeMonkey74131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )


All you do is ignore logic and make up numbers to justify your crappy console. PS3 is not selling well and at this rate its only gonna be further behind after this holiday season. The 360 killed in EU for the last two weeks. Its only going to get better.

Do yourself a favor...smash your PS3 and take a sharp piece of metal from it and kill yourself. Before that though, tell your parents to start using birth control. The world has had it with one nasim already.....die

Edit: Thats 2.63 million for America...that number is only going to go up so enjoy it while it lasts.

<cue nasim>:
"Actually that seems overrated....i think it only sold 129,023 copies across the world. only 45 consoles sold worldwide too."

ericnellie4131d ago

Looking at this chart - PS3 Software sales aren't doing so hot when compared to the Wii and 360 in North America. Halo 3 has done pretty well though.

sanderFVCKINcohen4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

Even if Microsoft's 360 does not do good in Japan & Europe, theyll will most fortunately dominate North America, over PS3 that is, and through that all Japanese developers whos trying to get into the US market will have to go through the 360, its that simple. The Xbox 360 right now is dominateing US & UK, and PS3 is dukeing it out with the Wii in Japan, and the whole of Europe are still stuck on there PS2s, and not willing to buy either next-gen consoles. So, I dont think PS3 is really doing that good.

So for all the American PS3 owners, dump the PSh!tty and quit being a FONY looser and get you the new Falcon Version of the 360 which will not overheat, and enjoy this holiday and next year with FF13 and MGS4 comeing to the 360.

DrSelfDestructX4130d ago

Wow I cant believe what I just read from you.
No mention of the word "Xbot" and very mildly boasting about your perfered console. Even before I joined this site I hated you. Like many others I wouldnt bother to read your comments. But this is something I can look at and agree on. Im glad and hope you go on the right path of choosing gGreat games over console loyality! (Because all and all it doesnt take you anywhere).I just hope you dont turn into theretarded PS3 fanboy we all know 2 comments from now! But good luck with that!

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Tommie4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

2.63 million is very impressive. Halo 2 debuted with 2.74 million in 5 days, and it held the #1 spot for 4 weeks in a row, and reached 4 million in just 5 weeks. Halo 2 also passed 6.5 million copies in the US this week. Hardware jump is pretty disappointing, though Xbox 360 sales increased a lot in the previous weeks before Halo 3.

unlimited4131d ago

Halo 3 did just little better then Halo 2?? I am surprise xbox fans were hyping Halo 3 like crazy i thought it will sell more ..

Aniperk4131d ago

Actually did very well. If you consider that its a low budget game
with a small crew working on it. No high res cgi, no motion capturing etc. It reminds me the Blair Witch Project. Low budget, smart idea, good advertising campaign, high income.

xaphanze4131d ago

only 20%? I expected way more. I guess its true that those who had was because os Halo.

BLACKJACK VII4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

Wow, just a 20% increase =

"Xbox 360 outsold the Playstation 3 this week by way more then 4-to-1."

So glad I didn't get ripped off by FONY & the DELAYSTATION !!!

No Halo, No Gears, No Bioshock, & No Mass Effect = No Sales & No AAA Games.

Those pS3 numbers are awful... Good luck with UT3 !!!

BIGBAER4131d ago

Consider that just a few weeks ago, the 360 was selling an average of 55,000 units per week.

And, as posted above:

"what you all don't understand
Holy crap some of you are pretty stupid.

Halo 3 has impacted 360 sales more than you think because the percent increase has been increasing for weeks now. If you compare it to last month, then you truly see how much Halo 3 impacted console sales.

Xbox 360 Sales in September

(week ending: % increase)
September 29 sold 122,834 consoles
September 29: +19%
September 22: +17%
September 15: +17%
September 08 sold 75,690 consoles

Increase over the month:
360: +62%
Wii: -16%
PS3: -43%

Now how the heck can Halo 3 not have had much of an impact on console sales..."

That sums it up nicely!

lawman11084131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

Most people (kids and Teens) have to wait for Christmas or a birthday to get a system adults are the ones who can afford to just run out and buy them. I want to see the Christmas numbers this year, I bet 360 beats them all. And this is just sad for Sony


skynidas4131d ago

the 360 sales just jumped 20% HAHAAHAHAHa

razer4131d ago

Look at the PS3 numbers... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA x 100000000000


JasonPC360PS3Wii4131d ago

You not only pwned yourself (only jumped 20%, thats alot dumb sh!t) you got pwned by razer too (double kill)

Aniperk4131d ago

Only 20% for the only and best game for the 2 channel analog audio console?? Since Japan and Asia is lost and now Europe this is not
good news for MS. I guess its true that rest of the world don't like
the US products.

Don't worry xbots, now that you have played halo 2,5 you can sell
the noisy white bucket and bye something with future potential.

FirstknighT4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

2.6 million for Halo 3
825,000 for Bioshock
1.2 million for Madden 08

Heavenly Sword 184,000
Madden 08 438,00
Warhawk 169,000

I know these numbers aren't exact but it pretty much shows the ongoing pattern. The 360 sells games. The 360 has been selling about 100,000 the last 2 weeks before the Halo 3 holiday. We're looking at 300,000-400,000 Xbox 360 sales in one month. That is what you call a BOOST!!!

I'll say the 360 sold about 325,000 consoles while the ps3 sold around 80k for Sept.

CrazzyMan4131d ago

7 mln. x360 after almost 2 years.
2 mln. ps3 after almost 1 year.

3,5 times:
Heavenly Sword 184,000 - 644,000
Madden 08 438,00 - 1533,000
Warhawk 169,000 - 591,000 (and without online sales)

ElementX4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

If you take the 2 million PS3 sales (for about 1 year) and double it (the time 360 has been out) you only get 4 million units sold. The 360 sold 7 million, that's 3 million more.

360 sold more consoles during the first year than ps3.

CrazzyMan4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

Don`t forget, that biggest sales are on Christmas time. =)
x360 had 2 Christmas, and ps3 only 1.
We don`t know how well will sell ps3 on it`s second Christmas, but we sure do know, that x360 on 2nd Christmas in november-december made in USA 2 mln.

And ps3 still don`t have yet released tittle, which like Geow will be a system seller.
These games MGS4, FFXIII, KZ2, GT5 will come only in 2008.

Warhawk is great, but graphics not good enough. HS is great graphically, but pretty short and not big replaybality(not many people will spent 60$ on it, with price 30$ it`s a totally must have). Lair is beautiful, but controls got negative reviews, and that effected sales.

Ratchet - is must have, but only for 3D platformers lovers. On ps2 that was around 3 mln. worldwide.
Uncharted - depends on how it`s plays and reviews.
GT5: prologue - for 399$ version and driving lovers it might be must have, could sale some ps3.
LBP - if come this year, with games above will sure move ps3. =)
Haze - depends on reviews.
UT3 - come after pc version, but like bioshock, people with weak PCs will buy it on ps3. =)

"360 sold more consoles during the first year than ps3."
wasn`t it cheaper? =)
400$ vs 600$ in USA for 9 month.

EDIT: with time, it can become even cheaper then x360.
such hardware like blu-ray, which probably costed 125$, will cost later around 25$.
i mean, try to remember how much costed dvd-rw when they came, like 500$, and now after 5 years the price get 20 times lower - =)

ElementX4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

it still is cheaper and probably always will be [360]

Xi4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )


Xi4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

sony had 1 xmas already, xbox had 2, doubling the ps3 lifespan it would also give it 2, so that argument doesn't work. The numbers you have are spurious.

Ignorant Fanboy4131d ago

"But the 360 had 2 christmases"
"Sony only had one"

You were all saying the PS3 was going to crush the 360 once it was released, now that you realize it is the other way around, the 360 crushes the PS3.

Do you think the race starts when the last person takes off from the starting line? No, the race starts when the first person leaves the starting line.

Sony tripped up, started in last place, and doesnt look to be gaining any momentum. While the other two consoles are gaining in sales.

reaperxciv4130d ago

has games...

the underlying problem with the ps3 is it's user base: they don't buy enough ps3 games to support their console

eagle214130d ago (Edited 4130d ago )

and do the math, more people are playing the game on sony home consoles: 1.3 million (ps2 and PS3). Writing this off is being foolish. Where is wii madden? And Heavenly Sword is a new ip! Also, PS3 software is higher this week. And PS2 software is on par with wii software. And psp sold 276k in japan! get a life. Halo 2 sold like this, and like 400,000 consoles were sold that month in November of 2004. This is nothing new. Sony sold 90k home consoles last week in NA and 88k psps (this will be up next week). SCEA is a profit turning game division. MS is at least $3 billion still in the hole. The worst thing is if Sony gets hot BEFORE MS turns a profit. Trust me, this ugly game media environment created by Microsoft (in association with FIrstKNight and THe mART) will get even uglier when Sony eats their profits away.

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