Immersion CEO Talks PS3 Rumble

Gamedaily writes: "After the DualShock 3 was officially unveiled during the Tokyo Game Show, Sony confirmed to GameDaily BIZ that the rumble technology in the new controller is the same as what's in the old DualShock 2. That said, certain editors have claimed that the DualShock 3 rumble is definitely improved and Kojima Productions' Ryan Payton believes the DualShock 3 is more advanced as well"

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Bebop4086d ago

Immersion are not going to go & divulge information that Sony might not want out there at the moment.

mighty_douche4086d ago (Edited 4086d ago )

or perhaps it is infact better. remember, the hardware might be the same but its SOFTWARE that drives that hardware and i think you'll agree that we've seen a hugh advancement in software since Dual Shock 2.

Douche4086d ago

Impliment Immersion's new Touchsense technology. Now!

XxZxX4086d ago

upgrade = more money. I'm sure Sony will just stick with last-gen shock. Shock is so last gen anyway, It just people still want it and Sony has to bring it back.

Douche4086d ago

You definately did not read the article. The Immersion CEO clearly stated that their new Touchsense technology is less expensive than the Dualshock 2's last gen technology. Sony's actually spending more than they would if they implimented the new rumble technology into the Dualshock 3. The Touchsense rumble runs off of one motor instead of two which is less expensive and less power consuming. The technology resting in that single motor is much more advanced than those two motors of the Dualshock 2. It doesn't make any sense as to why Sony didn't choose this. The CEO even mentioned of how easy the new rumble can be worked with. This doesn't make any sense! Wake up Sony!!!

ARog344086d ago

It's BEYOND Rumble... Read the article, I wouldn't see why Sony would not add the feature. Better technology, cheaper to make, can be used with the SIXAXIS. Sony, thank you for making up with Immersion, but it will only make sense if you release the DualShock 3 with their technology.

Time Lord4086d ago

New 'touchsence' rumble or the same old rumble? We need clear f'n answer.

Adamalicious4086d ago

We know that it's not TouchSense.

We also know that it uses the "same technology" as Dual Shock 2, but I believe this was said in regards to how developers program for it as opposed to the quality of the hardware in the controllers and what it's capable of.

Adamalicious4086d ago

It sounds more and more like everyone has seen TouchSense and decided not to use it. If what he's saying is true and it's really less expensive then is there anything left to assume other than it probably sucks?

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The story is too old to be commented.