DigitalBattle's Halo 3 Review 9/10

On virtually all aspects, Halo 3 delivers. It ends the story, answers the questions, and the multiplayer is in a league of its own. There are a few issues, like the AI and considering how much hype Microsoft has build up around Halo 3 and "next-gen" games on the 360, Halo 3 kinda disappoints on the visuals, especially when compared to graphic heavyweights like Gears of War. But all those issues pale in comparison to how much fun gamers will have playing Halo 3, online or offline, but most likely online, with a lot of other gamers.

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TheMART4033d ago

I've seen enough Heavenly Sword reviews also, but still they come up as news.

So yeah this should be posted. Sony fandroids censorship brigade active again because they're crying over their PS3 sold only 29k last week for NA, while the 360 sold 122k in the same week?

razer4033d ago

Since when is a Halo 3 review not gaming news?

Anybody wanna guess how fast this would of been approved if the score was a 7 or 8?

JasonPC360PS3Wii4033d ago

This is news 4 gamers and Halo 3 is a game, it's not our fault you don't have any f**king thing to play.